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A-Z Animals - Animal Facts, Images and Resources A-Z Animals - Animal Facts, Images and Resources A-Z Animals - Animal Facts, Images and Resources

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April 2012

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Counting Penguins From Space

Thu 19th April 2012 (1 comment)

The Emperor Penguin is the largest species of penguin in the world and is natively found inhabiting the pack ice on and around the Antarctic continent. They are the most southerly breeding penguins and unlike other species, they spend their whole lives in the deep south.

Emperor Penguins are also unique amongst penguins as instead of breeding in the warmer summer months, eggs are laid at the beginning of the bitter winter, with the males left to face the freezing cold and strong winds for two months whilst incubating their eggs.

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Watching Wildlife - April

Mon 16th April 2012 (0 comments)


Spring has finally fully arrived with the sounds of birdsong lightening up all times of the day and the bright, early flowers that are blooming throughout our forests, gardens and parks and along hedgerows and verges. This is the time of year that one wild-flower has a particularly high impact as thousands of Bluebells carpet vast areas of the country with their delicate, purple glory.

April is a month of mating within the animal kingdom as those species that haven't yet courted begin to do so. However, for those that mated even earlier in the year, their young are now being born with Badger cubs being a particularly common site around well-used dens. The other big difference this month is that numerous bird species that wintered further south in warmer climates, are now returning to breed and filling the air with an increasing amount of life.

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Palm Oil Free Treats - 9. Fruit Bars

Mon 9th April 2012 (0 comments)

With ever increasing awareness about the negative effects that the palm oil industry is having on the environment, it remains a great shame that more and more everyday products seem to contain it. However, as companies are permitted to list it as "vegetable oil" in their ingredients consumers are unable to make an informed decision.

The worst thing for many consumer-level palm oil activists is not just the fact that basic products contain it, but also that those rare indulgences are now a thing of the past with palm oil found (but listed as vegetable oil) in all kinds of treats including chocolate, sweets, ice cream and numerous types of biscuit. So, at A-Z Animals we have prepared a number of palm oil free recipes for you to enjoy!

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