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Amazing Animal Programmes!

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Extinct Northern
White Rhino

Stephen Fry
and Mark Carwardine

There have been some incredible animal programmes over the past few years giving us the opportunity to see animals that we would never have known existed other wise, or known about their life in the wild. There are currently two fantastic new animal series on the BBC at the moment which started over the past couple of weeks.

Last Chance To See takes the legendary Stephen Fry and renowned zoologist Mark Carwardine around the world in search of some of the most endangered animals on Earth. Stephen and Mark go in search of the Amazonian Manatee, the Northern White Rhino, the Aye Aye, the Komodo Dragon, the Kakapo and the Yangtze River Dolphin as part of an epic tribute to the trip taken by Mark Carwardine and Douglas Adams nearly 20 years ago. Not only do Stephen and Mark try to track down the endangered species that were witnessed 20 years ago but they also come in contact with dozens of other incredible animals along the way.

Lost Land
Of The Volcano

Lost Land Of The Volcano takes an international team of scientists, cavers and wildlife filmmakers to the largely unexplored region around Mount Bosavi in Papua New Guinea. The team spend the first part of their trip exploring the forest, caves and rivers at the base of Mount Bosavi before moving up and into the crater of the extinct volcano, all in search of the animals that are known to exist there and with the hope of finding new animal species. The team encounter numerous species of insects, reptiles and fish and even come into contact with some of the most secretive mammals on Earth, along with discovering 40 new animal species.

40 New <a href=Animal Species Discovered" title="40 New Animal Species Discovered - Click to Zoom" vspace="0" width="150" hspace="0">

40 New Animal
Species Discovered

Both of these incredible series are shown on the BBC and show how important it is to protect our fellow animals as well as the habitats in which they exist.
  • Last Chance To See Sundays at 8pm,
    BBC 2
  • Lost Land Of The Volcano
    Tuesdays at 9pm,
    BBC 1

For more information about these amazing programmes, please see:

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"site best"


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"The BBC make the best animal programmes! Planet Earth, Nature's Great Events and South Pacific were all amazing too!"

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