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A-Z Animals - Animal Facts, Images and Resources A-Z Animals - Animal Facts, Images and Resources A-Z Animals - Animal Facts, Images and Resources

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Animal Q+A Part 1

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This week we are answering some of the animal questions that have mystified humans for centuries involving their behaviour, movement and even methods for survival.

Why do flamingos stand on one leg? Flamingos spend a great deal of time with their feet in the water which can often be quite cold. By standing on one leg to sleep, flamingoes are able to conserve their heat more effectively.

Why do parrots talk to humans? Parrots are known to be highly intelligent birds and they use a complicated series of sounds and noises to communicate with one another. When with humans, parrots mimic our words with one African Gray Parrot having learnt 150 different words.

Roaring Lion

What is Africa's most dangerous animal? Despite what the legends tell us, the hippo is in fact not the most dangerous animal in Africa, as the hippo itself is responsible for minimal deaths. The lion however, is responible for 60% of animal attacks and up to 30,000 fatalities are down to snake bites.

Tree Frog

Do frogs breathe through their skin? Yes they do. The skin of a frog is permeable allowing respiriation to occur through the skin of the frog. Although frogs do also have lungs to breathe, being able to breathe through the skin is critical when the frog is hibernating.


Do elephants ever forget? Elephants roam across vast areas in search of food and water, making long term memory important for both social and ecological reasons. Elephants are also known to be able to remember complex migration routes as well as recognising other elephants.

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alys collins

"i love famingos because when i went to jersey for my parents honeymoon and we went to a zoo and we saw flammingos and when i looked away it bit my sisters thats why i love animals so much and this event happened the day before my birhday this year my birthday is 28 of januray love from a true animal lover alys i want to be a vet to save animals xxxooo "

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