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A-Z Animals - Animal Facts, Images and Resources A-Z Animals - Animal Facts, Images and Resources A-Z Animals - Animal Facts, Images and Resources

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Animal Q+A Part 2

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Great White

This week we are answering some more of the animal questions that have mystified humans for centuries involving their behaviour, movement and even methods for survival.

What has the strongest bite? The bite of the great white shark is immensely powerful more so than the bite of any other animal. Although the great white shark is thought to have the overall strongest bite, other animals including the Tasmanian Devil, have a surprisingly strong bite for their size!

Why are spiders scary to humans? Although it is not fully understood exactly why we are scared of spiders, people certainly have their theories including the simple explanation that we are scared of them because we don't understand them. Both the fact that all spiders are venomous (although many not dangerously so) and they are nocturnal has only added to the fear that surrounds them.


Do cats purr in the wild? Well yes and no really as the answer is entirely dependent on the animal. The ancestors of domestic cats, known as wildcats, are thought to make purring sounds as domestic cats purr and are thought to have been bred from them. Larger wildcats however, such as tigers, leopards and lions do not produce a purring sound.

Brown Rat

What is the most numerous mammal? According to BBC Wildlife, there were 5,500 species of mammal in the world at the last count, 40% of which were rodents. The brown rat is thought to be the most numerous and widely spread animal in the world as they are found in numerous different habitats all around the world.


What came first, chicken or egg? The answer to this age-old conundrum is quite simple really, the egg came first as there would be no chicken without an egg to hatch from. Birds are thought to have evolved from reptiles meaning that it is highly likely that a reptile would have laid the first egg to hatch into a bird.

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