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Animal Takes To Social Networking!

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NonjaCam 1

NonjaCam 2
Social networking websites such as Myspace, Twitter and Facebook have really taken off over the past few years. Today there are more than 250 million people using Facebook alone, from numerous different countries all around the world.

But it is not just us humans who seem to need our regular Facebook fix, other animals are starting to discover the appeal of keeping in touch with people using the Internet, from any computer in the world.

One particular animal, a 33 year old orang-utan from the Schönbrunn Zoo in Vienna, Austria, has become particularly snap-happy recently as she takes photos using a special camera that are then uploaded to her Facebook page (this part is obviously carried out by humans).

NonjaCam 3

Nonja, a female orang-utan that lives at the zoo, has been given a specially adapted camera which dispenses raisins whenever Nonja takes a picture. Nonja has already taken nearly 200 photos which have been uploaded to her Facebook page by the zoo staff for all to see.

NonjaCam 4

Today, Nonja's talents in photography have meant that she currently has around 80,000 fans of her page on Facebook, and is constantly receiving more interest from numerous people who are both interested in and amazed by this lady's skills.

To check out Nonja's Facebook page for yourself, go to:

NonjaCam 5

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