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Do Humans Actually Respect Animals?

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Giant Panda

Polar Bear
The ongoing human presence on Earth has a greater impact on the other animals that live here every day, and we are now faced with a sad situation where many of the more vulnerable animals and animals that are considered a threat to humans are dying out and will become extinct in the not to distant future. The main cause of this destruction is not down to climate change as we all expect but more due to the fact that humans are physically taking over the planet with little or no respect to the other creatures that inhabit it.

Many species of bear, if not all, are under threat as the habitat and territory of these animals have become smaller and smaller and the bears are therefore forced into areas where they are not originally from and are expected to adapt to their new surroundings. Not to mention that numerous bears are killed every year by humans by means of defense, and more devastatingly, trophy hunting. The elusive polar bear not only has these factors to contend with, but also the fact that global warming is causing the ice caps to melt, and therefore their native habitat.


We all know that many species of animal are classed as endangered but does anybody really do anything to try and prevent it? The rare Amur leopard is on the verge of extinction and tigers, orangutans, Asian elephants, giant pandas and polar bears, are just a few of the so-called endangered species that are set for extinction as a result of human greed and dominance over the world. Maybe it is time to actually stop and think about what we as a race are doing to the animals that we coexist with as more and more species of animal are classed as endangered.

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