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Does The Food We Eat Have A Life?

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Enormous Food Buffet

Free Range Eggs
As a civilisation, the human race has come along way since the primitive days of our cave-dwelling ancestors, and so has what we eat. As times have changed so has how we feed ourselves and finding food has grown from the simpler days of the hunter-gather to the enormous commercial industry that produces, collects and sells us our meals today.

In our modern world, commercial farming of both plants and animal is an enormous profitable and destructive business but people are no longer concerned with the quality and freshness of the food we are putting into our mouths and most of us will happily ingest chemicals and meat that is produced in the most despicable manor and horrendous conditions. Animals no longer grow up in the wild and are then killed by the hungry hunter, they are farmed and caught in their billions to satisfy the growing want for every kind of meat and at the cheapest possible price.

Homegrown Strawberries

Not only does the produce we consume have no life but it is also remarkably bad for human health to eat meat that has not lived a happy life and fruit and vegetables are that genetically modified to be bigger and better tasting. It is simply not natural. Growing our own produce is starting to become popular again and all it takes is a few pots or a small space in the garden in which to plant seeds and to start producing home grown fruit and veg that tastes wonderful and is cheaper than buying low quality produce from the supermarket.

Organic Produce

Currently we give such little thought to what we are eating and really we should. By spending a few extra pennies on organic and free range products and ensuring that the products we eat are locally produced, makes for better health but also peace of mind that what we are eating has lived and lived well and also reduces the negative environmental impact that results from international trading. It is time to think about what we are doing not only for the lives that we take but also for the future of our species in the years to come.

For more information about Growing Your Own Produce, please see:

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