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Fashionable Conservation with Apple's iGorilla!

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New iGorilla App

The importance of conserving the world's endangered species and their habitats is becoming more fashionable in the 21st century particularly with the latest iPhone application from Apple.

Apple's iPhone team has joined forces with the Virunga National Park in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, to create an application dedicated to the conservation of wild Mountain Gorillas in the area.

Today, the Mountain Gorilla is a critically endangered species with less than 1,000 individuals left in the wild and populations are constantly being threatened by deforestation and civil conflicts in their native habitat.

Purchased through iTunes, the iGorilla application allows users to help save the 200 critically endangered Mountain Gorilla individuals that inhabit the Virunga National Park, simply by using their iPhones or iPads.

Gorilla Family Profiles

For only a few pounds, the iGorilla application allows you to select a gorilla family to follow with detailed profiles on each member, and means that you are kept up to date with news from the Virunga National Park, the oldest National Park in Africa.

If you would like to learn more about Mountain Gorillas or where purchase the iGorrila application, please follow the links below:

Fashionable Conservation with Apple's iGorilla! Comments (1)

"If this is truly legit, then way to go Apple and Virunga National Park, anything that can be done to save our wild animal species that are slowly moving towards extinction is a great idea. Let's hope it catches on!"

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