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Fires Threaten Endangered Animals

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Drastic Deforestation

Forest fires have broken out and have been raging across the peat forest areas in Central Kalimantan, which is the Indonesian part of the large tropical island of Borneo, putting the lives of many endangered animal species in danger.

Borneo is the third largest island in the world after Greenland and Papua New Guinea, where tropical jungle and rainforest once covered the entire 290,000 square mile island but a large percentage of Borneo's forests have now been destroyed to make room for palm oil plantations.

This recent outbreak of forest fires was started by plantation owners in order to clear the forest where they wanted to farm. However, due to particularly hot weather, the forests are dry and the fires quickly spread and become out of control as they destroy enormous areas of jungle that are home to numerous different animals, many of which are extremely rare.

Endangered Orangutan
Borneo is home to many animal species that are today considered to be endangered. The fires have destroyed the natural habitat of the world's largest wild orangutan population, along with other primate species, sun bears, rhinos, elephants and clouded leopards, and countless other species of animal have also been effected.

Rare Clouded Leopard

For more information about the fires in Borneo and their effect on the environment, please see:

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