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Glow In The Dark Scorpions

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Glowing Under
UV Light

There are many amazing phenomenons that occur throughout the animal kingdom, rare behaviours that specific animals have evolved in order to better adapt to their surrounding environment. One of the weirdest however, is the fact that scorpions actually glow in the dark. An odd thing to do when it is trying to hide from hungry predators.

There are numerous species of scorpion around the world, all of which are nocturnal hunters. It is thought that in order to detect how bright the moonlight is outside, a pigment found in the scorpion's skin, transforms it's body into a blue/green glow. For them, coming out into bright night-time conditions, would make the scorpion more vulnerable to predators.

Glowing Under
UV Light

It is well known that naturalists use UV lights to hunt for scorpions in the darkness of night, but the reasons for these animals emitting such a florescent glow has been unknown until recently. Scorpions are thought to have bad sight and would therefore use this glow (which they can see as it is blue/green in colour), to detect whether or not it is safe to head out hunting.

Californian researchers recently removed this pigment out of a group of scorpions and noticed that they were not wary of changing brightness in nocturnal conditions. The control group however, whose chemicals had not been removed, became cautious when their surroundings became brighter, and would often run for cover.

Glowing Under
UV Light

Another theory as to why scorpions have this strange ability, is to actually warn other animals that they are poisonous. This would obviously make a predator think twice about eating it. Although not all scorpions are venomous, the toxins are deadly in some, as they are known to be responsible for the deaths of over 1,000 people a year.

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"holy shoot thats amazing! Glowing SCORPIONS!"

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