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Illegal Animal Poaching At All Time High

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Endangered Tiger

Rhino With Baby
Despite the increasing public awareness of the dangers of illegal poaching on endangered animal species, the number of animals that are poached around the world seems to be increasing according to recent reports.

Animals that inhabit areas across Africa and Asia seem to be at most risk, particularly rhinos and elephants that are shot and killed for their ivory and poaching levels of the elusive rhino seem to be at an all time high.

Green Sea Turtle

However, it is not only those animals that have vulable tusks that are of interest to poachers but also those that have been traditionally used in medicines, particularly in regions in the far east. Tigers, rhinos, bears, turtles and numerous other animals are used in medicines as part of this holistic approach to healing.

Rising economic growth in the far east over recent years has only increased the demand for such medicines, putting hundreds of animal species at risk. Not to mention that the trade of endangered animals is considered an illegal practice and is punishable by a long-term prison sentence.

Chinese Medicine Market
To learn more about the animals that have been affected, please see:

Illegal Animal Poaching At All Time High Comments (10)


""Animal poaching is stupid and cruel i hate poachers and what they do to these poor animals!""


"I love this site! poaching is cruel. the animals didn't ask to be poached!!"


"I hate poaching! Lets take a stand!"

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