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Leaping Whale Lands On Yacht

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Southern Right Whales are normally found in the deep, cold waters of the Antarctic Ocean but one of the world's largest and most secretive mammals made headlines yesterday after launching itself onto someone's boat.

An unsuspecting couple who where whale-whaling on their yacht, claim to have had a lucky escape when a 10m long Southern Right Whale leapt out of the water before colliding with their boat and sliding back into the ocean blue.

Size Comparison

The Southern Right Whale can grow to nearly 20m in length, but this smaller individual is still thought to have caused more than £8,000 of damage to the couple's yacht including breaking the mast, but luckily neither the couple or the whale seems to have been injured in the incident.

The couple told the BBC that they were whale-watching off Cape Town, South Africa, when they saw the whale in question in the distance. They cut the engine of the boat to watch the whale as it came closer, before reaching within 120m of the boat and disappearing underwater.

Southern Right Whale
When the Southern Right Whale re-emerged, it was just meters away and came crashing down onto their boat, snapping the mast. Southern Right Whales are known to have pretty bad sight and use sound to figure-out their surroundings. It is thought that with the engine cut, the boat was simply invisible to the whale and was probably as much of a surprise for it as it was for the poor couple on-board.

To read the full BBC interview, please follow the link: Full BBC Interview

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