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Melting Polar Regions, What About The Bears?

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Recycle Climate change and global warming issues are always in the news headlines, but most of the documented concerns are directed towards the effects that climate changes will or could have on humans. What about the world's animals? One species of animal that has been affected is the polar bear.

Temperature Change
Polar bears are found in the frozen regions of North America, Greenland, Russia and the North Pole where the polar bears roam the ice in search of food. Polar bears mainly hunt seals and so are generally found closer to the ocean rather than inland. Polar bear populations are now rapidly declining, making the polar bear a near endangered species. The fact that there is less solid ice for the polar bears to inhabit (it has melted due to global warming), is thought to be the main reason for this rapid descent in polar bear numbers.

A Polar Bear
It may seem impossible to think that people can do something to help these enormous white bears without having to don a sledge and head towards the Arctic Circle. Simply by recycling/reusing plastics, papers, fabrics and glass, keeping the lights switched off during the day or walking to the shops instead of getting in the car, will help prevent global warming issues from getting much worse. Not only will these little actions help the polar bears but will also help to conserve our beautiful planet.

If you would like to learn more about what you can do to help tackle global warming concerns, please follow the link below for more information.

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