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Mystical Animals P3 - Fairies

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A Fairy

Shakespeare Fairies
With so many different species of animal found all around the world, it is no wonder that there are so many tales and stories of animals that have been put down to being simply legends, but are they? Here we will continue to look at mythical creatures from around the world, by finding out about fairies...

Much of the folklore about fairies revolves around protection from their malice, by such means as cold iron or charms of rowan and herbs because fairies do not like them, or avoiding known fairy hotspots. Many folktales are told of fairies, and they appear as characters in stories from medieval tales and up to the present day in modern literature. Fairies however, have only more recently been depicted as being small, winged creatures as fairies were originally known to be very tall and angelic beings or short yet wise trolls.

Naughty Fairies

Fairies are generally described as human in appearance and having magical powers. The origins of fairies are less clear in the folklore, being variously dead, or some form of angel, or a species completely independent of humans or angels. Folklorists have suggested that the actual origin of fairies lies in a conquered race living in hiding, or in religious beliefs that lost touch with the advent of Christianity. These explanations are not always mutually incompatible, and they may be traceable to multiple sources.

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