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Mystical Animals P4 - Mermaids

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Mermaid On A Rock

Mermaid Statues
With so many different species of animal found all around the world, it is no wonder that there are so many tales and stories of animals that have been put down to being simply legends, but are they? Here we will continue to look at mythical creatures from around the world, by looking into the world of the mermaid...

The mermaid is a mythical creature that has been the subject of many stories and tales, as the mermaids had the most fastinating trait of being part fish and part human. The mermaid is seen to be fish below the wasit and human above. The first known tales about mermaids appeared as early as 1,000 BC, and have continued throughout history still being popular today. The most recent and possibly the most well-known mermaid was the story of The Little Mermaid that was made popular by Disney, but the mermaid is thought to have originated when ancient philosophers believed that humans had descended from fish and saw the mermiad as the half-way point.

Mermaid, Thailand

There are different views from around the world as to what the intentions of the mermaids were. It is commonly known that mermaids would sing, with their voices having a similar tone to that of a siren. However, some people believe that the mermiads sing to lure people into the water, who are then drowned by the mermaids taking them to their underwater kingdom. Others believe that the mermaids would actually help those who had been stranded at sea, and would take the people to the safety of the shore whilst singing to them in order to help them relax. Many hoaxes have arisen that have fooled people into thinking that a real mermaid had been found, none however, have been!

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