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The Affect Of Black Magic On Owls

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Brown Wood-Owl

More and more of our Avian species are becoming more vulnerable in the wild, and none more so than the owl. Out of the 30 owl species that are found on the Indian subcontinent (most of which are endangered), 15 different species have been recorded in a recent report as being illegally trapped and traded across India, primarily for use in the black arts.

The use of owls of all shapes and sizes in black magic is commonplace among Indian shaman, who prescribe the use of owls and their body parts including their claws and feathers, as part of ceremonial rituals and in medicines. People are thought to be superstitious of owls in India due to their screeching calls, and they are also said to be associated with bad omens.

Spotted Owlet
The report called Imperilled Custodians Of The Night was conducted by TRAFFIC India and focused on looking into the illegal trapping, trade, and use of the 30 different owl species found across India. The investigation recorded the use of half of India's owl species, both large and small, although it was found that the larger species with longer ear tufts were most at risk.

Despite the fact that the hunting and trade of owls in India is banned under their 1972 Wildlife Protection Act, it has been estimated that thousands of owls are traded throughout the country each year. Although exact numbers are unknown, reports of owls becoming rarer across India are also becoming more common, particularly in areas where the owls have been affected by habitat loss.

Dusky Eagle-Owl
The report was presented by the Minister of Environment and Forests in New Delhi, with the initial goal being to raise awareness of the importance of owls within the eco-system. TRAFFIC is also calling for immediate action to show people just how crucial owls are, not only to their own habitats but also to us. They want to see more effective law enforcement to try and put a stop to the trade across India immediately.

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