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The Domestication Of Animals

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Animals have been domesticated for thousands of years by humans from every culture and corner of the world. Humans coexist alongside numerous animal species today from birds and mammals to fish and reptiles, and even insects and amphibians are kept as pets in our homes.

Animals are said to be domesticated animals when they live alongside and ultimately depend on humans to survive. There are hundreds of pet animals inhabiting households in every country on Earth, all of which are fed, watered, sheltered and cared for by human beings.

Bearded Dragon

Dogs and wolves split off from one another thousands of years ago when dogs were first kept by humans as both guard dogs and companions, and household cats followed soon after. Many of the animals however that humans have domesticated have been in order to produce either food or clothing.


The first animals to be kept as a source of food where those such as sheep, goats and pigs across Western Asia. The keeping of cows and chickens followed shortly after. Animals were not only domesticated by humans so that they could be eaten , many were kept as working animals.


Until the introduction of the motor vehicle on a global scale, working animals including donkeys, camels and horses were the only machinery used to pull heavy loads on farms around the world. Other animals such as elephants have been tamed by humans but have not been domesticated as they do not rely on humans to survive.

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