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The Re-introduction Of Whaling!

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Southern (Antarctic) Ocean

Endangered Sei Whale
A WWF report released last month, detailed for the first time the proposed lift on the whaling ban in the Southern Ocean, an activity which has been illegal for nearly a quarter of a century in these prized feeding grounds.

Commercial whaling has been banned since 1986 but for the past 24 years, a number of countries still have continuously had great objections to the ban on commercial whaling, often going ahead with it anyway and finding loopholes in the law.

In an attempt to try to control commercial whaling in our oceans, the IWC (International Whaling Commission) has proposed to give countries such as Norway, Iceland and Japan whaling quotas for the next ten years, which will permit the killing of thousands of whales including species that are classified as endangered.

These decisions have obviously brought up a great deal of concern for both the whales themselves but also the manner in which the situation has been dealt with, as it is said that the proposed quotas have not been set using science, but have come about as a result of "political bargaining".

Whaling Harpoon

Whatever the case, the Southern Ocean is one of the most valuable habitats to numerous whale species, some of which feed no-where else on the planet. A decision as to whether or not to move ahead with the lift of the ban, will be made at the next IWC meeting at the end of June.

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"Whales are awesome"


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