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The Wolf Changes Colour

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A Wolf Howling

A Wolf
Recent research on the wolf populations in North America has revealed that there are more and more wolves that have developed to having a darker coloured coat. These wolves are generally white or grey in colour but more and more appear to be inheriting the pigment that makes the fur of the wolf black.

The grey wolf that inhabits areas in the north of the USA and Canada is thought to have mated with a domestic dog somewhere along the line which has given the wolf the dark haired coat. The grey wolf is found naturally in the outer regions of the Artic tundra, an area that is rapidly decreasing with the ongoing effects of climate change, meaning that the wolf is being pushed further south into the dense forests.

A Wolf Running

Canadian scientists are apparently baffled by the advantages that this change in coat colour will have for the wolf, mainly because wolves do not naturally rely on camouflage to aid them in hunting for prey and hiding from predators. However, common sense would surely indicate that for any species of animal the ability to not stand out like a sore thumb would be of a natural advantage to the survival of that species.

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