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If you would like to start a written petition to assist our palm oil campaign then we welcome and greatly appreciate your help! Whether you want to put a petition on your shop counter so customers can sign it whilst purchasing, or whether you want to collect signatures in your school, we have a petition ready for you to print and return to us.

Download Petitions

We have two petitions for you to print, one is intended for use by adults, the other is intended for use by children within a school environment.

Returning Your Petition

Once you have completed your petition please place all your petition sheets in a postage-paid envelope and send them to the address below. For petitions collected outside of the United Kingdom, please make a note on the back of the first petition form to identify which country the petition was made in.

School petition forms should be signed by the head teacher of the school, this signature is not counted as a vote but is to confirm the children's names which are collected are authentic.

Please send your petition forms to:

A-Z Animals
The Lindos Centre
Saddlemakers Lane
Woodbridge, Suffolk
IP12 1PP, UK

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