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Do Thrips Bite People? Does It Hurt?

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11 Plants That Repel Pesky Earwigs

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Oregon Crabbing Season: Timing, Bag Limits, and Other Important Rules

Crabbing is a hobby that nearly anyone can get into. Both experts and amateurs alike enjoy this sport for a variety of reasons. Whether it be the fresh food it… Read More

By Alanna Davis 1 day ago

The Largest Flathead Catfish Ever Caught in Oklahoma

There are over 177 species of fish in Oklahoma, with around 13 of them being catfish. However, most of the catfish species are rather small, and they can fit in… Read More

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The Top 6 Reasons Hummingbirds Suddenly Disappeared From Your Yard

Hummingbirds are one of the most wonderful parts of the spring and summer. They are almost universally adored by people across the globe, and many individuals spend a lot of… Read More

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Do Dragonflies Really Eat Mosquitoes? How Many?

Dragonflies are the most beautiful creatures on this planet. They are insects that fly around in various places, usually in tropical climates. Very few exist in other regions. Unfortunately, climate… Read More

By Patrick MacFarland 2 days ago

The Most Popular Dogs Around the World

Dogs are more popular in some parts of the world than others, and the preferred breeds differ by country as well. In some countries, dogs are more valued as pets,… Read More

By Drew Wood 2 days ago

The 7 Main Types of Animals And Their Characteristics

There are many different types of animals in the world, but some of the largest categories include:

Mammals around the world!


The official mammal class is Mammalia. Animals that are considered mammals include warm-blooded vertebrates that have hair or fur and whose babies drink milk. Unlike other animal types like birds and insects, all mammal babies drink milk that comes from their mother’s bodies. This is one of the key ways to know if an animal is a mammal.

See the complete list of mammals.

Close up of a colorful lizard


Lizards, dinosaurs, crocodiles, turtles, and snakes – all belong to that ancient and stout class of animals known as the reptiles. This is a diverse group with more than 10,000 different species and a huge representation in the fossil record. Once the dominant land vertebrates on the planet, reptiles still occupy just about every single ecosystem outside of the extreme north and south.

See the complete list of reptiles.

Beta fighting fish


Fish are aquatic vertebrates. They usually have gills, paired fins, a long body covered with scales, and tend to be cold-blooded. “Fish” is a term used to refer to lampreys, sharks, coelacanths and ray-finned fishes, but is not a taxonomic group, which is a clade or group containing a common ancestor and all its descendants.

See the complete list of fish.

Colorful birds


Birds, members of the class Aves, include more than 10,400 living species. Their feathers distinguish them from all other classes of animal; no other animals on earth have them. If you see an animal with feathers, it’s undoubtedly a bird. Like mammals, birds are warm-blooded vertebrates with four-chambered hearts. However, they are more closely related to reptiles and are believed to have evolved from dinosaurs.

See the complete list of birds.

Golden eyed leaf frog


The official class of amphibians is Amphibia. To have the classification of an amphibian, an animal must be a vertebrate, require water to survive, be cold-blooded, and spend time both on land and in water. Though other animals only live on land or in the water, amphibians have the unique ability to thrive equally in both. Amphibians cover over 6,000 different species across the globe, but about 90% are frogs.

See the complete list of amphibians.

Queen butterfly danaus gilippus on blue hydrangea flowers.


The definition of an invertebrate is any animal that does not have a backbone or vertebral column. The most prolific and easily recognizable members of the invertebrate family are insects. It’s estimated that upwards of 30 million individual species of invertebrates may exist accounting for between 90-95 percent of all organisms on the planet.

See the complete list of invertebrates.

Queen butterfly danaus gilippus on blue hydrangea flowers.


All insects are part of the taxonomical phylum Arthropoda, and they are collectively referred to as arthropods. It is common to see this name misspelled as “anthropod,” but this is not the correct term. They can be found in nearly every environment on the planet, and they currently account for over half of all known living organisms in the world. They have undergone many cycles of evolution depending on the resources available to them.

See the complete list of insects.

Explore Types of Wild Animals from Around the World

We track thousands of animals from every continent and corner on earth, and are adding more every day!

  • African Animals – Africa is home to some of the most incredible and dangerous animals in the world.
  • Asian Animals – Asia has the world’s longest coastline, and an amazing diversity of exotic animals, birds, and more.
  • Central American Animals – Discover the the nearly 400 different animals we track in Central America today.
  • Eurasian Animals – Eurasia has some of the rarest animals in the world, like Siberian Tigers and Snow Leopards.
  • European Animals – We track over 500 different animals in Europe, including wolves and bears.
  • North American Animals – North America has many beautiful national parks that house some of the rarest animals on earth.
  • Marine (Ocean) Animals – The ocean is teaming with life, from the smallest shrimp to the largest animal ever – the Blue Whale!
  • Oceanian Animals – Oceania has many islands, and the world’s highest concentration of marsupials.
  • South American Animals – Home to the stealthy Jaguar, the friendly Capybara, and many more!

See Endangered and Extinct Animals Lists

A-Z Animals follow’s the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species definitions of threatened and endangered animals. Please consult the lists below to learn more about which animals need our help the most

  • Extinct – Species that no longer exist on earth
  • Extinct in the Wild – Species that are only known to survive in captive or cultivated environments
  • Critically Endangered – Animals that face an extremely high risk of extinction in the wild
  • Endangered – Animal species that face a high risk of extinction in the wild
  • Vulnerable – Animal species that face a risk of extinction in the wild
  • Near Threatened – Species that are facing population challenges and likely to become vulnerable to extinction soon
  • Least Concern – Animals with strong populations that are not expected to face extinction risk in the near future
  • Data Deficient – Species where we lack adequate information to assess the risk
  • Not Evaluated – Animal species that have not been evaluated yet

Types of Animals By Letter: Explore A to Z Animal Lists

See lists of animals that start with every letter of the alphabet, from A to Z. We track all types of animals like lions and tigers, dogs and cats, even dinosaurs and spiders. Choose your favorite letter below to see all animals that start with it today.

A American Leopard Hound
Animals that Start with A

Example: The American Leopard Hound

A Blue grosbeak
Animals that Start with B

Example: The Blue grosbeak

A Clark’s Grebe
Animals that Start with C

Example: The Clark’s Grebe

A Dandie Dinmont Terrier
Animals that Start with D

Example: The Dandie Dinmont Terrier

A Eel catfish
Animals that Start with E

Example: The Eel catfish

A Finch
Animals that Start with F

Example: The Finch

A German Shepherd Mix
Animals that Start with G

Example: The German Shepherd Mix

A Harbor Porpoise
Animals that Start with H

Example: The Harbor Porpoise

A Io Moth
Animals that Start with I

Example: The Io Moth

A Japanese Spitz
Animals that Start with J

Example: The Japanese Spitz

A Keta Salmon
Animals that Start with K

Example: The Keta Salmon

A Larder Beetle
Animals that Start with L

Example: The Larder Beetle

A Mantella Frog
Animals that Start with M

Example: The Mantella Frog

A Nuthatch
Animals that Start with N

Example: The Nuthatch

A Orangutan
Animals that Start with O

Example: The Orangutan

A Poogle
Animals that Start with P

Example: The Poogle

A Quetzalcoatlus northropi
Animals that Start with Q

Example: The Quetzalcoatlus northropi

A Ribbon Eel
Animals that Start with R

Example: The Ribbon Eel

A Stupendemys
Animals that Start with S

Example: The Stupendemys

A Teddy Bear Hamster
Animals that Start with T

Example: The Teddy Bear Hamster

A Uguisu
Animals that Start with U

Example: The Uguisu

A Viper Boa
Animals that Start with V

Example: The Viper Boa

A Welsh Corgi
Animals that Start with W

Example: The Welsh Corgi

A Xerus
Animals that Start with X

Example: The Xerus

A Yellow-Eyed Penguin
Animals that Start with Y

Example: The Yellow-Eyed Penguin

A Zebra Pleco
Animals that Start with Z

Example: The Zebra Pleco

Everything To Know About Pet Dogs, Cats Birds, and More

Some of the most popular types of animals on earth are pets. A pet is a domesticated animal that lives with a person or family, usually in a house. The most common pets include dogs, cats, fish, and birds, but there are also many amazing exotic pets like reptiles, lizards, and more! Horses, goats, and pigs can also be pets too.

Pet Dogs

Dogs are the most popular type of pet on earth with nearly 500 million worldwide. Thats almost one dog for every 15 people on earth! There are hundreds of different dog breeds. The Irish Wolfhound is the largest dog breed, and was bred to hunt wolves. Chihuahuas are the smallest, and were likely bred for companionship or to hunt small rodents. The most popular dog breeds are below.

A Irish Setter
Irish Setter

Has a beautiful coat that's flowing and feathered!

A Boston Terrier
Boston Terrier

Friendly, lovable and very strong!

A Golden Retriever
Golden Retriever

Trusting, kind and gentle!

Pet Cats

Cats are the second most popular pet on earth with nearly 400 million worldwide. Thats almost one pet cat for every 20 people on earth! You can read about the hundreds of different cat breeds, from the large to the small. The most popular cat breeds are below

A Abyssinian

One of the oldest cat breeds in the world!

A Australian Mist
Australian Mist

The only cat breed to originate in Australia.

A Ragdoll

One of the larger breeds of domestic cat!

Pet Product Reviews

Pets are important members of our families and should be cared for. The AZ Animals team reviews the latest research on pet health, consults veterinarian best practices, and works directly with vet health specialists to review the best products for your dog, cat, and other pets. We’re excited to share our expert pet product recommendations with you, including the best dog food, best cat food, and best tanks for your pet fish

More Animal News, Facts, Rankings, and More!

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Louisiana’s Alligator-Infested Rivers: Why The Calcasieu River Is an Alligator Haven

The Calcasieu River meanders through the rural forests and bayous of southwestern Louisiana before meeting the sea in the Gulf of Mexico. The National Park Service describes its forested shorelines… Read More

By Sharon Parry 3 days ago

The States With the Most Hummingbird Species in America

Hummingbirds are one of the most beloved signs of spring, and luckily, many states across America get to enjoy their presence. However, certain states are home to more native species… Read More

By Alanna Davis 4 days ago

15 Countries With Active Separatist Movements

On average, since 1960, the world has gotten 2 new countries every year. Some of these have been through a peaceful process of decolonization, while others are the result of… Read More

By Drew Wood 4 days ago

The 9 Most Dangerous Ants in the World

In a world full of creatures, some of them can be the most majestic things you've ever seen. Others can be one of the most terrifying animals in the world.… Read More

By Patrick MacFarland 4 days ago

Belgian Sheepdog Progression: Growth Chart, Milestones, and Training Tips

Belgian sheepdogs are part of the Belgian Shepherd family of dogs. They are included in the American Kennel Club herding group and are sometimes called Groenendael. Other dogs in the… Read More

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Epulis in Dogs and Expected Surgery Costs in 2024

Let's face it, there are few things worse than realizing that a beloved family pet has gotten sick. While some illnesses are treatable with over-the-counter medicine, others must seek professional… Read More

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California Crabbing Season: Timing, Bag Limits, and Other Important Rules

Long ago, humans would hunt animals for food. Today, of course, we usually go to the grocery store to buy our pre-packaged beef or chicken. Of course, some of the… Read More

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Can Whales Actually Eat and Swallow Humans? 3 Facts and 3 Myths

There are many rumors surrounding animals that people believe. For example, there are rumors that piranhas can eat humans. There are rumors about all the animals in the animal kingdom.… Read More

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Orchid Colors: Discover the Rarest to Most Common

2024 gardening time is upon us! When it comes to adding Orchid Colors: Discover the rarest to most common. Enhance the garden and home this year and for years to… Read More

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Essential Dignities: What Does it Mean if a Planet is Exalted in Astrology?

In astrology, the four essential dignities refer to the qualities of planets based on what sign they are in. Traditional astrologers tend to take these dignities literally. An exalted planet… Read More

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The Biggest Tsunami to Ever Hit California

Tsunamis are a pretty terrifying natural disaster. Depending on their speed and volume, they can wipe out entire cities and kill thousands of people. Unlike most natural disasters, as long… Read More

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Leonberger Prices in 2024: Purchase Cost, Vet Bills, and More!

Have you heard of the elegant and proud Leonberger? As their name suggests, this giant dog breed originated from the town of Leonberg in Germany. While they have been around… Read More

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5 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Wasp Nests Naturally 

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Discover What It Means When a Hummingbird Chirps

Many of us know hummingbirds for their unique appearance, impressive flight, and incredible migrations. However, people very rarely talk about the sounds that these birds make. Unlike some other avians,… Read More

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Kangal Shepherd Dog Lifespan: Average Life Expectancy and More!

Also sometimes called the "Turkish Kangal," the Kangal Shepherd Dog is a wonderful breed that is sure to bring joy and happiness to any family. These dogs are lively, loyal,… Read More

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41 Countries That Used to Be Communist (and 5 That Still Are)

At one time, it looked like communism might have a shot at taking over the world. Today—not so much. Of the nearly 50 countries that were once ruled by the… Read More

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4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Bathe Your Cat – and 4 Exceptions

It's a common belief that pets are dirty. For dogs, that's likely more true than you know. They walk around in the dirt and gross things on the ground, roll… Read More

By Nina Phillips 6 days ago

See all of A-Z Animals News and Information.

Animal Reference Guides And Educational Resources

We believe if people are more educated about the world’s animals, they will better car for them. That’s why we are building the world’s greatest animal encyclopedia, completely free to you. Please take a moment to learn more about animals today using these helpful guides and resources:

  • Reference Library – See helpful information on conservation, classification, animal evolution, and more
  • Glossary – A list of scientific and technical animal terms, with definitions
  • Animal Habitats – Learn all about different animal habitats
  • Diet – The different animal diets like omnivores, herbivores, and carnivores defined with examples
  • Behavior – Learn all about animal intelligence, communication, community, language, migration, and more.

Animal Encyclopedia With Facts, Pictures, Definitions, and More! FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

What are the 6 types of animals?

The 6 types of animals are mammals, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and invertebrates. Additionally, animals are classified in many different ways, which you may learn about in this complete guide to animal classification.

What are the 10 most popular animals?

The 10 most popular animals on AZ Animals are:

  1. Lion
  2. Panther
  3. Amur Leopard
  4. Polar Bear
  5. White Tiger
  6. Wolf
  7. Millipede
  8. Arctic Fox
  9. Marble Fox
  10. Rhinoceros 

How many animals are there?

There are over 1 million known animal species and more than 98% of those are insects, which are indeed animals.