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American Pit Bull Terrier

American Pit Bull Terrier Facts

NameAmerican Pit Bull Terrier
OriginNorth America
Average Size (L)55cm (22in)
Average Weight36kg (80lbs)
Average Life Span12 years
Average Litter Size8
ColourBlack, White, Tan, Brown
TemperamentStubborn yet obedient
Distinctive FeaturesSmall and sharply pointed ears

American Pit Bull Terrier Location

Map of American Pit Bull Terrier Locations
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American Pit Bull Terrier

The American Pit Bull Terrier is a strong-willed, sturdy companion. It is a breed that is loyal to friends and family, and friendly to strangers. With guidance from its handlers, American Pit Bull Terriers are obedient and show a high desire to please. However, when left without direction they can become stubborn and may become aggressive. According to a study done by CDC , American Pit Bull Terriers account for the majority of fatalities in the US among all breeds. During the years 1979 - 1996, 60 people have been killed by American Pit Bull Terriers. The breed with the next highest fatalities is the Rottweiler with 29.

A well bred American Pit Bull Terrier should have a stable and dependable temperament. The American Temperament Testing Society shows a pass percentage of 84.3% for American Pit Bull Terrier, a 0.2% higher passing rate than the commonly considered 'family dogs' such as Golden Retrievers.

However, a firm, even hand and early obedience training are strongly recommended for this breed. They generally have a lot of energy and high prey drive.
They need exercise and stimulation in order to channel their energy properly and not become frustrated, bored, and destructive.