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Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd Facts

Common NameAustralian Shepherd
OriginNorth America
Average Size58cm (23in)
Average Weight32kg (70lbs)
Average Lifespan14 years
GroupHerd Dog
ColourTan, Red, Black, Brown, Grey
Average Litter Size7
TemperamentConfident and independent yet loving and responsive,
TrainingShould be trained from an early age and they are easy to train but it takes time

Australian Shepherd Location

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Australian Shepherd

The Aussie breed is an energetic dog that requires exercise and mental stimulation to be happy and to avoid becoming destructive. They need a minimum of 20 min hard running twice per day. Aussies love working, whether it is herding livestock, performing tricks, competing in dog agility, or any other canine sport. They do exceptionally well in frisbee catching competition, and they love to retrieve items from water.

Aussies want to accompany their favorite humans and see and do whatever you are doing. After sufficient exercise they enjoy being couch potatoes. It is usually a sweet and affectionate dog which is faithful to its owners and great with children if raised with them. They typcially are friendly with the owner's friends and family that they see often but protective when strangers are around. Socialization from puppyhood is necessary to get the very best from them.

Most Australian Shepherds make wonderful family dogs, provided there is a human pack leader to guide them. They generally get along with other dogs and are not quarrelsome.