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Drever Facts

Size40cm (16in)
Weight15kg (33lbs)
Life Span14 years

Drever Location

Map of Drever Locations
Map of Europe


The Drever has a lot of stamina, and has become a popular hunting hound for deer hunters in northern Norway, Sweden, and Finland (in Finland drevers are not allowed in deer hunting yet, but it is used for hare and fox hunting). Roe deer are nervous quarry, and the hounds which are used to hunt them must move slowly, especially in areas where heavy snow can be expected in late autumn. Thus, the breeding of a dog with a medium-sized body but short legs has a practical application.

This breed is usually kept as a hunting hound and is not usually found as a companion animal. The Drever is alert and self-possessed, has an affable, even temperament, and is rarely overly aggressive or shy. The Drever is uncommon outside of Europe.