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Fish Facts

TypeFresh, Brackish, Salt
Size2.5cm - 1m (0.9in - 3ft)
Optimum pH Level5 - 9
Lifespan1 - 60 years
ColourBlack, White, Yellow, Orange, Silver, Blue, Green, Red
Skin TypeScales
HabitatAll freshwater and saltwater habitats

Fish Location

Map of Fish Locations


Fish are found in every ocean, lake, river and stream in all corners of the globe, in many sizes, colours and species. Most fish (depending on size) tend to eat plankton in the water, insects and smaller fish.

Fish respire through gills in the sides of their heads, allowing the fish to breath underwater. Fish return to the water surface for air at varying intervals. The electric eel fish can go for up to 10 minutes without resurfacing for air.

Due to the bright colours of fish, and the fact that fish are extremely peaceful animals, many people today now keep all kinds of fish in tanks and ponds.