Animals by Scientific Class Names


What animals are in class Actinopterygii?

Alaska pollock
Alaskan Pollock

It's one of the most commonly eaten fish in the world

Albacore tuna fish, Thunnus alalunga underwater in the cean
Albacore Tuna

The albacore is a very fast swimmer

An Alligator gar, Atractosteus spatula, while swimming in a huge aquarium
Alligator Gar

The alligator gar has toxic eggs to protect against predators

What animals are in class Amniota?

A closeup of a halibut head on a white background shows its right-facing eye

The word "halibut" is comes from haly meaning "holy" and butte meaning flat fish due to its popularity on Catholic holy days.

What animals are in class Amphibia?

Male African giant bullfrog (Pyxicephalus adspersus) in shallow water, South Africa
African Bullfrog

The African bullfrog is one of only three species of frog that have “teeth.”

Semi-Aquatic Frogs - African Clawed Frog
African Clawed Frog

African clawed frogs were used as pregnancy testers from the 1930s to the early 1960s.

African Tree Toad on a leaf
African Tree Toad

Found in tropical moist lowland forests!

What animals are in class Anthozoa?


There are more than 6000 species of coral in the world's oceans.

Sea anemone
Sea Anemone

Creatures have characteristics of both animal and plant

What animals are in class Arachnida?

Female American dog tick, Dermacentor variabilis, on a person's arm.
American Dog Tick

Main vector of Rocky Mountain spotted fever

Arizona bark scorpion
Arizona Bark Scorpion

Under UV light they glow a bright blue or green, making them easy to spot.

Arizona Blonde Tarantula
Arizona Blonde Tarantula

They are covered in thousands of fuzzy blonde hairs.

What animals are in class Asteroidea?

Starfish on sand

Has 2 stomachs to aid digestion!

What animals are in class Aves?

Acadian Flycatcher
Acadian Flycatcher

Their nests are sloppily held together and have an abandoned appearance

Adelie Penguins jump from iceberg in Antarcdtica
Adélie Penguin

Eats up to 2kg of food per day!

An African fish eagle with a fish in its talons skimming the surface of a lake
African Fish Eagle

African fish eagles belong to the genus of sea eagles

What animals are in class Bivalvia?

Cockles underwater

Cockles live quite long; their lifespan usually ranges from 5 to 10 years in the wild.

Disco Clam (Ctenoides ales) 3
Disco Clam

Can spray acidic mucus at predators

mantle of a giant clam, Tridacna, growing on a coral reef
Giant Clam

Can reach nearly 4ft in length!

What animals are in class Branchiopoda?

Dinosaur Shrimp
Dinosaur Shrimp

These "shrimp" evolved to survive very harsh climates, which is one reason they have been able to live so long.

What animals are in class Cephalopoda?

Bigfin reef squid
Bigfin Reef Squid 

Can change color through use of chromatophores

The blanket octopus actually uses the blanket for defense.
Blanket Octopus

Females can weigh up to 40,000 times more than their partners.

Blue-Ringed Octopus close-up
Blue-Ringed Octopus

The blue-ringed octopus produces some of the deadliest poison in the world

What animals are in class Chilopoda?

Giant Tree centipede close-up

There are about 3,000 documented species!

Giant desert centipede
Giant Desert Centipede

They are the largest centipede in North America

What animals are in class Chondrichthyes?


The angelshark’s range has contracted by more than 80% in the past century.

Closeup of a white-spotted bamboo shark's face during a dive in Borneo
Bamboo Shark

Can reproduce asexually

What animals are in class Clitellata?

earthworm in dirt in someones hands

They are hermaphrodites, which means they have male and female organs

The narrow body of the Kinabalu Giant Red Leech allows it to fit into the crevices of rocks in its mountainous habitat.
Kinabalu Giant Red Leech

Comes out only during a rainstorm or just afterward

A blood-sucking leech on the human skin.

Has 10 pairs of eyes!

What animals are in class Crinoidea?

Feather Star
Feather Star

Feather stars look like flowers. They have no heart, eyes, or brain.

What animals are in class Cubozoa?

World's Deadliest Jellyfish - Box Jellyfish
Box Jellyfish

Venomous marine animals

Irukandji jellyfish
Irukandji Jellyfish

Tiny ocean killer

What animals are in class Demospongiae?

Sponge in the Caribbean sea around Bonaire.

There are more than 9,000 known species!

What animals are in class Dicotyledon?

What animals are in class Diplopoda?


Arthropleura was the largest terrestrial invertebrate to have ever lived

big millipede many leg rolling body walking on concrete floor.

Some species have a poisonous bite!

What animals are in class Echinoidea?

What Do Sand Dollars Eat - Sand Dollar In Hand
Sand Dollar

Sand Dollar skeletons make popular collection items for seashell collectors.

Sea Urchin
Sea Urchin

Can live for up to 200 years!

What animals are in class Gastropoda?

Assassin snail in aquarium
Assassin Snail

The snail-eating snail.

Blue dragon sea slugs
Blue Dragon Sea Slug

They inflict a painful, venomous sting

Chromodoris willani
Chromodoris Willani

Their skin is toxic

What animals are in class Hydrozoa?

freshwater jellyfish
Freshwater Jellyfish

The freshwater jellyfish is native to China but is now found all over the world

Giant Siphonophore
Giant Siphonophore

The giant siphonophore is longer than the largest sea mammal – the blue whale.

Immortal Jellyfish Isolated
Immortal Jellyfish

Excellent hitchhiker on long-trip cargo ships

What animals are in class Hyperoartia?

Close up of open sucking mouth of sea lamprey with teeth

Not related to the eel

What animals are in class Insecta?

Achrioptera Manga
Achrioptera Manga

Unlike other species of stick insects, the Achrioptera manga's mating season is year-round and mating occurs regularly.

Admiral Butterfly

Stunningly beautiful wings

What animals are in class Magnoliopsida?

Venus flytrap, Dionaea muscipula, with trapped fly.
Venus Flytrap

The Venus flytrap is among a group of plants that consumes animals

What animals are in class Malacostraca?

Amano Shrimp
Amano Shrimp

Popular kept in aquariums to keep them clean

Christmas Island red crab walking on brush
Christmas Island Red Crab

During the breeding season, roads can dangerous for cars as well as the crab. Their shells are so hard they can puncture tires.

Coconut Crab on Eueiki Island in Tonga
Coconut Crab 

The largest terrestrial arthropod in the world

What animals are in class Mammalia?

Aardvark - taken at Blackpool Zoo on 13th June 2011

Can move 2ft of soil in just 15 seconds!

aardwolf in tall grass

The aardwolf has five toes on its front paws

Abyssinian cat outdoors in the garden

One of the oldest cat breeds in the world!

What animals are in class Myxini?

Hagfish, Duiker Point, Cape Peninsula.

Can use slime to suffocate marine predators or escape capture

What animals are in class Ostracoda?

Ostracod under the light microscope. Magnification of 100 times.

Oldest and most common extant crustaceans

What animals are in class Polychaeta?

Antarctic Scale Worm

Similar in length to a rat or squirrel

Bearded fireworm
Bearded Fireworm

They emit bioluminescence during their mating ritual.

Penis Fish
Urechis unicinctus (Penis Fish)

Create "inns" for other sea creatures

What animals are in class Polyplacophora?


Chitons are closely related to snails, oysters, and mussels because of their shared phylum

What animals are in class Pycnogonida?

sea spider image
Sea Spider

These animals breathe through their legs

What animals are in class Reptilia?

Acker Monitor
Ackie Monitor

The ackie monitor has a spiny tail which it uses as in self-defense.

Mwanza flat-headed rock agama lizard, aka spiderman agama, in the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania.
Agama Lizard

The agama forms small social groups that contain both dominant and subordinate males.

What animals are in class Sarcopterygii?

Coelacanth pair underwaterr

The coelacanth first evolved almost 400 million years ago.

South American lungfish

The lungfish first evolved almost 400 million years ago.

Black rat
Palm Rat

Domesticated house rats were bred in England during the 1920s, and one of these variations had a green-tinted fur.

What animals are in class Scyphozoa?

Blue Jellyfish Medusa Colored by the Light

Have tentacles around their mouths!

Lion’s Mane Jellyfish
Lion’s Mane Jellyfish

Though it’s a huge animal, the lifespan of the lion’s mane jellyfish is only a year.

Moon Jelly fish (Aurelia aurita)
Moon Jellyfish

Moon Jellies are bioluminescent, so they glow in the dark! They can also de-age!

What animals are in class Thaliacea?

Large pyrosome with diver and sardines

They float with the current.

What animals are in class Trichoplacoidea?


Dunkleosteus had a bite force strong enough to cut through pirey.

What animals are in class Turbellaria?

Hammerhead Worm
Hammerhead Worm

They are sensitive to light and prefer cool, dark, moist areas.

What animals are in class Xenoturbellida?


The position of the Hallucigenia's head puzzled scientists for several years