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Insect Facts

Scientific NameInsecta
Size2cm (0.7in)
Weight30g (1oz)
Top Speed300cm/s (120in/s)
Lifespan2 years
Conservation StatusLeast Concern

Insect Location

Map of Insect Locations


Insects are the most abundant group of living creatures on earth with up to 30 million estimated species of insect found worldwide.

Insects can be found in all ranges of environment even (but limited) in the oceans and rivers. Insects feed on other, smaller insects and decaying leaf and plant matter.

Insects have been found to walk, swim and fly and are continuously evolving and adapting to the changing climates. Some species of insect, like the ant, have very sophisticated colonies with a successful power hierarchy.

Insects are known as invertebrates, meaning that they have no backbone. Most species of insect have a hard outer shell which protects the inside of the insect.