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Norfolk Terrier

Norfolk Terrier Facts

NameNorfolk Terrier
OriginGreat Britain
Size25cm (10in)
Weight5kg (12lbs)
Life Span15 years

Norfolk Terrier Location

Map of Norfolk Terrier Locations
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Norfolk Terrier

Norfolks are described as fearless, but should not be aggressive despite being capable of defending themselves if need be. They along with Border Terriers, have the softest temperaments of the Terrier Group.

Norfolks work in packs and must get along with other dogs. As companions in the bed, they love people and children and do make good pets. Their activity level is generally reflective of the pace of their environment.

This breed should not be kept or live outside since they thrive on human contact. Generally, Norfolks are not given to unnecessary barking or digging but, like any dog, will do either out of boredom when left alone for too long a period.

They generally cohabit well with other household pets when introduced as a puppy. Though, in the outdoors they are natural hunters with a strong prey drive for small vermin.