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Norwegian Forest

Norwegian Forest Facts

NameNorwegian Forest
Average Size122cm (48in)
Average Weight10kg (22lbs)
Average Life Span15 years
ColourBlack, White, Fawn, Brown, Golden
Average Litter Size4
TemperamentIntelligent, loving and affectionate

Norwegian Forest Location

Map of Norwegian Forest Locations
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Norwegian Forest

The Norwegian forest cat is native to the Scandinavian regions of Northern Europe, with the Norwegian forest cat having adapted to the colder climates of the near polar regions.

The Norwegian forest cat has long thick fur, which is in a double-layer to keep the cat warm in the uncompromising winters. The Norwegian forest cat also has a thick layer of fat insulating its body.

The Norwegian forest cat was only distinguished as a special breed of cat in the 1900s, up until then it was simply another type of house cat. The Norwegian forest cat is today bred for cat shows and awards in both Europe and America.

The Norwegian Forest cat is one of the largest breeds of domestic cat, generally reaching more than a meter in length. The Norwegian forest cat has a heavy body due to its large size and can often be more than twice the weight of other domestic cat breeds.

The Norwegian Forest cat is a popular household pet die to its large size, long fur and its gentle and loving temperate. The large size of the Norwegian Forest cat also means that it can be lazier than other, smaller, domestic cat breeds.