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Poodle Facts

Common NamePoodle
Size30cm (15in)
Weight30kg (66lbs)
Lifespan16 years
GroupGun Dog

Poodle Location

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Poodles are intelligent, alert, and active. Historically, their aptitude has made them ideal for performing in circuses across the globe for centuries. Otherwise notable is this breeds keen sense for instinctual behaviour. In particular, marking and hunting drives are more readily observable than in most other breeds.

Even Toys will point birds. Classified as highly energetic, poodles can also get bored fairly easily and have been known to get creative about finding mischief.

Poodles are extremely people-oriented dogs and generally eager to please. They are excellent watchdogs, but unlike some working breeds, don't usually become one-person dogs when they are part of a family. Standard Poodles in particular, tend to be good with children. Poodles are adaptable and easy to train. Like most dogs, they appreciate daily exercise, such as a walk or a play session. Most are fairly agile and athletic.

Toy Poodles will play ball and love to fetch. Playtime is vital, but one must be sure that they get plenty of rest following long play periods and that fresh water is available at all times.