Discover The 12 Largest Ice Skating Rinks In New Hampshire This Winter

Written by Lisa Bohler
Published: December 4, 2023
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Attitash Mountain Resort in New Hampshire Offers beautiful ski slopes and outdoor winter activities.

It is a beautiful sunny day on the ski hill at Attitash Mountain Resort, New Hampshire.

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Winter in New Hampshire brings crisp temperatures, snow, and enough frozen ponds and lakes to make ice skating in New Hampshire a treasured winter activity. It is safer to go skating on rinks and arenas than it is to skate on ponds and frozen streams. The following 12 ice skating rinks in New Hampshire offer pristine skating surfaces, a safe environment, and fun for all ages.

12) JFK Memorial Coliseum

The Ice Arena at the JFK Memorial Coliseum is open from September through March.

Ice skating in New Hampshire is affordable and convenient at the JFK Memorial Coliseum in Manchester. The skating surface at the JFK Memorial Coliseum measures 185′ x 85′. This great rink has four changing rooms and a concession stand for snacks and hot chocolate. It is a prime area for hockey teams and figure skaters. However, the rink is open for public skating on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

Bring your skates, or rent some while you are there. The entrance fee is affordable, and skates rent for just $5 per pair. The three exhaust fans on the roof of the building keep the air inside fresh. If you are looking for a great ice skating venue for a private party, the JFK Memorial Coliseum is perfect. The arena is also handicap accessible and has enough seating for 1600 people for winter events.

11) Loon Mountain Ice Skating Rink in Lincoln, NH

The RiverWalk Ice Skating Rink on Loon Mountain

The lagoon swimming pool at RiverWalk Resort in Lincoln, NH, is transformed into a spectacular ice skating rink each year. The 167,000-gallon pool is not just filled with frozen water. It has tubes of glycol arranged to create the smoothest and sturdiest ice for the skaters.

Skaters can bring their skates, or the RiverWalk has skates available to rent. The outdoor rink gives skaters the unique thrill that is only found when the fresh, cold air rushes across your face as you glide over the ice. The RiverWalk opens in December for ice skating. They close for the season at the end of March.

10) Occom Pond in Hanover, NH

Winter activities at Occum Pond include sledding and ice skating.

At Dartmouth University, ice skating in New Hampshire means a trip to Occum Pond. Occum Pond is only a half-mile from the college, making it easily accessible to students, staff, and faculty. However, you do not need to be from the college to enjoy the beauty and fun at Occum Pond. Occum Pond is an outdoor skating venue, so the weather decides which days the skating rink is open and when it has to close.

From September until March, Occum Pond is open as often as possible. The pond has an exciting history. It is named after Samson Occum, who was a Native American. Occum was the first Native American minister to visit Britain, and he was responsible for raising the money that started Dartmouth College. The pond was nothing more than a marshy area in 1765; however, after a dam was constructed on the northern end, Occum Pond resulted.

9) James W. Campion Rink, In West Lebanon

Hockey is one of the games played at the James W. Campion Rink in West Lebanon, NH.

This rink is the epitome of ice skating in New Hampshire. The rink is affordable and offers many fun games to play on the ice. They have classes to teach skaters to play hockey, and they have classes to instruct you on how to skate. You can participate in hockey games or watch the fun while others play.

There is public skating, freestyle skating, open sticks, and more. If you need your skates sharpened, the rink offers contour or radius sharpening and specialty sharpening for hockey, goalie, and figure skates. Bring your skates, or rent a pair while you are here for $5 a session or $10 for an entire day.

8) Stratham Hill Park in Stratham, NH

Happy couple skating at outdoor ice rink

Ice skating is a perfect activity for a winter date.

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Stratham Hill Park is ice skating in New Hampshire at its finest. This outdoor skating facility is lit until 9 p.m. each night, so couples can enjoy a daytime or nighttime date on the ice. The park has two skating areas, so there is ample room for figure skating, hockey games, and public skating for kids and families. Unfortunately, the park does not offer skating lessons, skate rentals, or refreshments. However, they offer a low-cost, fun activity that is healthy and invigorating.

7) Churchill Rink At Jacksons Landing

Ice skating is just one of the fun activities found at Jacksons Landing.

The Churchill Rink at Jackson’s Landing offers new excitement to add to the pleasure of ice skating in New Hampshire. The rink surface is pristine, so your skates glide smoothly. They offer family skating nights, teen skating nights, disco lights, and music to skate to. This rink has been in business for 50 years, and they have public skating, hockey skating, private rink rentals, skate rentals, and even sharpened skates.

They offer live streaming of the hockey games hosted at the facility, so you can watch them wherever you are.

6) Dorrs Pond In Manchester, NH

New Hampshire has beautiful outdoor ice skating venues like Dorrs Pond.

Most states offer far more indoor facilities for skaters, but ice skating in New Hampshire is often done on outdoor rinks. The outdoor rinks provide extra excitement for the activity. Dorrs Pond is open daily from sunrise to sunset unless inclement weather prevents it. This is an outdoor rink, but a warming shed is set up so skaters can get out of the cold.

5) Rinks At Exeter

Hockey is a favorite ice skating sport at the Rinks at Exeter.

For most people, ice skating in New Hampshire means figure skating or hockey. Rinks at Exeter have a standard NHL-size skating area of 200′ x 85″, so hockey games can be executed on their ice. At Rinks at Exeter, ice skating adventures extend beyond hockey. They offer stick practice time, learn-to-skate classes, public skating, private skate parties, and more. This is a place designed for families to enjoy.

4) Robin Hood Park, Keene, NH

Beautiful girl having fun in winter park, balancing while skating at ice rink. Enjoying nature, winter time

Ice skating is a great way to enjoy the winter.


Winter is a time when most people stop exercising and start watching more television. Ice skating in New Hampshire is a healthy activity that is great for the cardiovascular system, improves circulation, burns calories, and relieves depression. At Robin Hood Park, skaters can reap all of these benefits. The outdoor skating area allows skaters to embrace the cold air while gliding over the ice, figure skating, playing hockey, and just skating.

Robin Hood Park is open all year; however, ice skating is only available when temperatures permit.

3) Rochester Ice Arena

Hockey is a favorite activity at the Rochester Ice Arena.

Ice skating in New Hampshire starts when children are young. At the Rochester Ice Arena, they introduce children ages 5 through 12 to the ice skating basics; they even provide the skates with the class. The arena offers public skating and figure skating, and they have an NHL-sized rink for hockey-loving players.

At the Rochester Ice Arena, we want children to have great experiences on the ice so they can become hockey players and figure skaters. There are skate walkers available, so kids can skate without spending most of their time sitting on the ice. There is stick and puck practice for kids under 14, and the rink is open for public skating on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and weekends.

2) Schouler Park, North Conway, NH

Figure skating performances and training happen at Schouler Park in North Conway.

Schouler Park embraces figure skating as a form of expression on ice. Figure skating does require a larger rink for competitions,, as well as different skates and skills. However, hockey players are encouraged to come to the park and enjoy the ice. Schouler Park is a natural outdoor skating rink. They have no cooling tubes to make the ice form; they rely on cold temperatures to freeze the ice to the thick blue needed to support a skater.

1) Labrie Family Skate at Puddle Duck Pond

Outdoor skating at the Labrie Family Skate at Puddle Duck Pond

Ice skating on outdoor surfaces in New Hampshire is fun and exciting, and the Labrie Family Skate at Puddle Duck Pond is free several times weekly. Portsmouth’s Puddle Duck Pond at Strawberry Banke offers free admission for children under 5 and $7.50 for Strawberry Banke members, $15.00 for non-members.

Bring skates with you, or take advantage of their rental skates. If you do not know how to ice skate or think a refresher course would benefit you, Puddle Duck Pond has you covered. Have birthday parties and gatherings at the pond. Hours vary but can be checked on the rink’s facebook page

Summary Of The 12 Largest Ice Skating Rinks In New Hampshire This Winter

12JFK Memorial Colesium303 Beech Street, Manchester, NH
11Loon Mountain Ice Skating Rink22 S Mountain Dr, Lincoln, NH 03251
10Occom PondHanover, County, NH
9James W. Campion Rink394 N Main St, West Lebanon, NH 03784
8Stratham Hill Park270 Portsmouth Ave., Stratham, NH 03885
7Churchhill Rink At Jacksons Landing10 Old Piscataqua Rd., Durham, NH 03824
6Dorrs Pond156 Hooksett Rd Hillsborough, NH
5Rinks At Exeter40 Industrial Dr, Exeter, NH 03833
4Robin Hood ParkKeene, NH 03431
3Rochester Ice Arena150 Wakefield Street, Rochester, NH 03867
2Schouler ParkWhite Mountain Hwy., North Conway, NH 03860
1Labrie Family Skate at Puddle Duck Pond14 Hancock St, Portsmouth, NH 03801

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