Discover the Lucky and Unlucky Colors for Sagittarius

Written by Aaron Webber
Published: November 17, 2023
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If you recently discovered your zodiac sign or felt an unexpected interest and appreciation for your star chart and astrological background, you probably learned that your sign can mean a lot more than just your birthday. Your star chart can influence every aspect of your day, especially the colors you choose to wear or paint your home. Even if you don’t believe in the energies associated with astrological readings, you can still have fun by incorporating the colors of your Sagittarius sign into your life. So, what are the lucky colors for Sagittarius that you can use?

Sagittarius in General

Sagittarius, Constellation, Astrology Sign, Mythology, Centaur

Chiron, the symbol of the Sagittarius zodiac sign. Sagittarius incorporates the symbolism of the bow,


, and wise teacher that form the ninth zodiac sign.


Sagittarius is the ninth zodiac sign. The sign for Sagittarius is the centaur Chiron, who mentored the Greek hero, Achilles. Chiron was a wise and talented archer, so those born under his sign inherit these traits.

Sagittarius is a fire sign, along with Leo and Ares. It is also one of the mutable signs, meaning it is changeable and adaptable (much like the half-human half-horse Chiron). Chiron, much like other centaurs was particularly connected to the heavens and never failed to hit a target with his bow. Therefore, those who are born under the Sagittarius zodiac are more likely to be seers, prophets, sages, and fortunetellers.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter (or Zeus), the king of the planets. Sagittarius signs will inherit the regal, free-thinking carefree nature of the king of the gods. They want to know and learn everything while having fun while doing it. Jupiter is the planet of abundance, wanting to gain all it can. They will thirst for knowledge and wisdom. They don’t cling to ideas or philosophies. Instead, they try to collect as much knowledge as possible, exploring all the universe has to teach them.

Lucky Colors for Sagittarius

Saggittarius zodiac sign

Deep purples and blues like this are fantastic colors for Sagittarius.


The colors that best represent Sagittarius will be those that have some kind of royal, intelligent, carefree associations. These are purple, royal blue, violet, and other similar colors. Additionally, because Sagittarius is a fire sign, colors associated with passion or fire would also be appropriate. Colors like yellow, orange, gold, bronze, and bright green. Any combination of these colors and their hues and variations would be fantastic options.

Keep in mind, that “lucky” colors don’t necessarily bring you luck. You won’t be winning the lottery next week if you dress in all purple as a Sagittarius. That is a very Western misunderstanding of the concept of luck. Luck, as most of the world understands it, is the practice of channeling the energies of all aspects of life to benefit you as you seek to achieve your goals. Incorporating the proper colors, along with other healthy practices, can channel the energies that you need to live your best life.


Ever since ancient times, purple has been the symbol of royalty. It was so hard and expensive to create the color purple, that only the kings and emperors of ancient times could afford to do so. Including purple in any design is a sign that you value it above all other things. Assigning purple with your Sagittarius tendency toward knowledge and wisdom shows where your priorities lie.

Purple also represents wisdom, creativity, and spirituality. Because purple was a rare and special color, ancient people often included it with their depictions of their most high gods. This includes Zeus (or Jupiter). Zeus was famous for his free-love style of living, often flouting rules and conventions to live life to its fullest.

In Hinduism, purple represents peace and wisdom. It is also the color of the crown chakra or Sahasrara. Much like the Sagittarius sign, this chakra is associated with pure thought, consciousness, spiritual learning, and wisdom.

You can incorporate purple into your interior decoration, your clothing, your art, or even into the stones and gems you use. Stones like amethyst and Rhodolite, among others, are fantastic options to use as part of your home décor or jewelry. Alternative colors like maroon, violet, and similar shades of purple are fantastic options with varying energies and symbolism.

Royal blue

Though the ‘royal’ part of the name is a modern addition, the deep, rich color of royal blue is a sign that this definitely belongs with Sagittarius. Royal blue is associated with dependability, tranquility, empathy, and (of course) royalty. It is a soothing, reassuring color. It prompts us to slow down, take a deep breath, and relax.

This color represents the depths a Sagittarius is willing to go to seek knowledge. It also represents the deep blue of the sky at dusk, representing the limitless wisdom available to the Sagittarius who seeks it.

Royal blue brings to mind the depths of the ocean, the calm regal nature of kings and queens, and the infinite expanse of the sky. Wherever you incorporate royal blue into your life, it is sure to catch attention and reassure all observers.

Fire colors

As a fire zodiac, Sagittarius signs have a fiery disposition which translates into a deep passion for knowledge, learning, and imagination. This makes sense, since the lucky color for Sagittarius, purple, is a mix of red and blue. This represents the passionate thirst for knowledge with the relaxing, easy-going disposition of blue.

Colors like red, yellow, and orange are fantastic colors that Sagittarius can use to bring energy and passion into their environment. Each has its own symbolism and meaning, so we suggest you research them if you want to fine-tune the energy in your environment.

Also, adding a “hot” or fiery hue to your purple or blue is also an option. Here, you begin to play with color theory and color symbolism to make it your own. Start with purple, for example, which is equal parts red and blue. Then, try adding different amounts of blue or hot colors like yellow and red. Perhaps meditate while you do so until you feel you have reached a color that resonates with you emotionally. Discover the balance of hot passion and cool peacefulness that works best for you and helps you stay mindful and purposeful during the day.

Unlucky Colors for Sagittarius

Color Palette Guide Isolated on White Background. Sample Colors Catalog.

Avoid colors that are muted, pale, or symbolize things opposite to wisdom and passion.


Any colors that mute or detract from the joy and zeal of life should be avoided. Sagittarius signs love to experience life to its fullest, including all the ups and downs. Colors like beige, blacks, greys, whites, browns, and pale colors should be avoided. Colors that have been “watered down” with white or muddied with other colors will confuse and block your energy. Stick to colors that are simple, bright, and easily adaptable into other designs. Avoid colors that draw attention or are glaring or gaudy.

According to color theory, there are certain colors that, when paired with another, detract from the color of its partner. Avoid any color that detracts from the brilliance of the purples, blues, or hot colors you’ve chosen to incorporate into your life.

That’s all you need to get started with your lucky colors for Sagittarius! As with any zodiac sign and its colors, gems, numbers, and other symbols, you don’t need to go overboard when incorporating or avoiding colors in your life. Just knowing your lucky colors for Sagittarius can help you be more mindful about your surroundings and how you react to them. They can be a helpful reminder to stay hungry for knowledge, stay in touch with your spiritual side, and always feed the fire of your passion for learning.

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