Fearless Bald Eagle Divebombs in Front of a Crowd and Steals a Hooked Shark

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Written by A-Z Animals Staff

Published: May 19, 2024

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Bald Eagle
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Bald eagles are known for being opportunistic feeders, often taking advantage of any chance to steal food. This behavior, evident in the video at the top of this article, is not uncommon as they have been seen snatching fish and other prey from fishermen and various animals.

These majestic birds are widespread across North America, typically residing near large bodies of open water where food is abundant.

There are several distinctions between bald eagles and other birds of prey such as golden eagles and ospreys, including differences in size, coloration, habitat, and nesting behaviors.

Bald eagles are both magnificent and daring. This was highlighted in a remarkable moment captured on video, which was featured on FOX13 Tampa Bay news.

The Action Unfolds

The video opens with a tranquil scene of still waters at sunset. A man, dressed in blue shorts, a jacket, and a sports cap, stands in the foreground.

As the scene unfolds, a disturbance in the water catches his attention, and his fishing pole begins to tug as it pulls something from the water.

He steadily reels in a small bonnet shark with the help of another man who pulls on the fishing line. Suddenly, an astonishing event occurs.

Just as the second man reaches for the shark, a bald eagle swoops in from the right, seizing the shark with its formidable talons.

The swift action leaves the onlookers in awe, their gasps of surprise filling the air.

Despite the shark still being hooked, the bald eagle stands atop it in the shallow water, surveying the humans as if to declare its claim.

The fishermen and spectators offer no resistance.

Amidst the amazement, someone shouts, “Take a picture!” and the group scrambles to capture the incredible moment.

The bald eagle holds firm, flapping its broad wings while the shark struggles beneath it. The fisherman, both amazed and excited, contemplates how to free the hook so the eagle can enjoy its stolen meal.

After allowing the onlookers a few more moments to snap photos, the man moves in closer. The bald eagle begins to peck at the shark, and the video shifts to a slow-motion replay of the eagle’s daring theft.

Is It Common for Bald Eagles to Steal Food From Humans?

Yes, it is. Bald eagles are known to seize opportunities to steal food from humans and other birds. Fishermen frequently lose their catches to these assertive scavengers.

Bald eagles, often seen as bullies, will aggressively take food until their hunger is sated. Their strong talons enable them to lift several pounds of prey.

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