Highlander Cat Prices in 2024: Purchase Cost, Vet Bills, and Other Costs

Written by Alanna Davis
Published: March 19, 2024
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When it comes to cat breeds, the Highlander cat stands out among the rest. These elegant cats aren’t incredibly well known, but they are well-loved by their small community of dedicated fans. Throughout recent years, this breed has gained more notoriety, and in turn, has become more popular. Let’s explore how much Highlander kittens cost in 2024 and discuss other expenses associated with purchasing one. 

Highlander Cats: a Brief Overview

A spotted highlander cat outside exploring a garden area in a yard.

The unique look and quirky personality that Highland cats are known for has contributed to their popularity.

©Patrick Hatt/Shutterstock.com

Highlanders aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but one thing is undeniable: this cat is one of the most unique. The Highlander cat breed was achieved by crossbreeding the Jungle Curl and the Desert Lynx, which both lend to this cat’s unique appearance. They are well known for their curled ears and short tails, and they typically have either tabby, tortoiseshell, or solid patterns. According to The International Cat Association (TICA), “The Highlander is a muscular, athletic cat. Highlander cats come in both shorthair and longhair. Physical characteristics include a straight to slightly convex forehead and wide nose, with the nose and muzzle forming a blunt look in profile.”

How Much Does a Highlander Kitten Cost?

A highlander kitten sitting on a staircase.

Finding a reputable Highland kitten breeder is the most important step in the process of purchasing one.

©Patrick Hatt/Shutterstock.com

Although Highlander kittens are quite hard to find in certain places, their price is still reasonable. On average, purchasing a Highlander kitten will cost somewhere between $700 and $1,500. The final price will be heavily influenced by factors such as your location and the pedigree of the cat. Many enthusiasts report that Highlander kittens are difficult to find, and scarcity may lead to an increase in price. Adoption is a much more affordable option, and prospective owners can pay as little as $100. However, due to the relative scarcity of this breed, finding one in a shelter may be a difficult task. 

Other Factors That Influence the Purchase Price of a Highlander Cat

While your location and the pedigree of the kitten itself will be the primary influences on the price of your Highlander cat, there are other factors to consider as well. The breeder’s reputation, special coloration, fur quality, and special training will inevitably raise the price of an animal. The curled ears and short tail that this cat is famous for are highly sought after. In addition, Highlander cats with more desirable fur color, patterns, and texture may be more expensive than others. 

Cost of Vaccination and Other Medical Expenses for Highlander Cats

Two highlander kittens curled up on a cat tower together. The younger cat is all black and the older cat is brown and black stripes.

Taking your cat in for an annual vet check-up is paramount in preserving their health.

©Patrick Hatt/Shutterstock.com

Luckily, Highlander cats are a generally healthy breed. However, there are several health concerns connected to breeds that display the folded ear trait. Although many cat owners seek this breed specifically for this physical attribute, it is connected to a cartilage defect, which may be connected to other health issues. According to International Cat Care, “the cartilage defect affects their joints as well as the ear cartilage and folds can suffer from severe and painful degenerative joint disease throughout their lives. As the disease progresses the joints stiffen, bones fuse and movement becomes more difficult and extremely painful. Folded or curled ears can also make it difficult for the cat to clean its ears, so owners may need to remove any wax or dirt accumulation from the ear to help prevent discomfort and infection.”

Despite this, many can live into their late teens if cared for properly. Part of ensuring that your Highlander lives a long and happy life is taking them in for annual health screenings. These appointments will cost about $60 depending on where you live. In addition, vaccinating your Highlander cat against disease is also incredibly important. Their first set of shots will cost about $100, and each set of boosters will be about $40. 

Cost of Food and Supplies for Highlander Cats

This breed is affectionate, fun-loving, and friendly with both humans and animals.

©ChristinaHall / CC BY-SA 4.0 – License

Feeding a Highlander cat can be very affordable. At maturity, this breed will eat about 1/2 cup of food per day, which averages out to about 15 cups per month. Depending on which brand you choose, dry food costs per year will fall between $150 and $500. This does not include the price of wet food or cat treats. Kittens require more frequent feedings, but they require fewer calories. If you want to feed your cat a specialized diet such as a raw diet or prescription diet, this can be more expensive. In some cases, owners may pay over $1,000 annually. Talk to your vet to formulate a diet plan that suits your cat’s personal needs.

Owners can expect to pay about $75 for a grooming kit, but this will be a one-time expense. It’s recommended to put aside roughly $250 for other supplies such as food and water bowls, a collar, a bed, microchipping, and toys.

How Much Does It Cost to Insure a Highlander Cat

Selective focus view of serious looking Highlander cat lying down on chair indoors

On average, highlander cats will live to be between 10 and 15 years old.

©Anne Richard/Shutterstock.com

Most reputable breeders offer health guarantees on their animals that insure them for about three to five years. After this period, it’s important to begin looking for a contingency plan to protect the health of your Highlander cat. Pet insurance is a wonderful way to continue this protection. Depending on the coverage you desire, prices can vary greatly. However, some of the cheapest plans begin at about $30 per month. 

Final Thoughts

Highlander cats are undeniably beautiful and unique. These factors have given them a spike in popularity in recent years, and their loving personalities have solidified their place in the hearts of countless owners. As they become more well known, chances are prices will rise in the future. However, this breed is truly a hidden gem for the time being. 

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Anne Richard/Shutterstock.com

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