The 5 Fastest Growing Towns in Canada Everyone is Talking About

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Updated: November 15, 2023

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Canada recently set a new growth record, adding more than one million people within a year in 2022, which is the first time in the country’s history. Its population is multiplying at an annual growth rate of 2.7%, the highest it has been since 1957. Larger cities, like Toronto, grew the fastest, but they aren’t the only areas increasing in population. Smaller provinces are growing, too. Check out these five fastest-growing towns in Canada that everyone is talking about and learn what they have to offer, including their current growth rate.

1. East Gwillimbury

Saw this beautiful sunrise scene with nice grasses, trees, river, sun, clouds, and light while hiking at Rogers Reservoir Conservation Area East Gwillimbury Ontario Canada.

East Gwillimbury is the fastest-growing town in Canada

Situated along the East Holland River in the Regional Municipality of York, East Gwillimbury is a town in Southern Ontario and is also part of the Greater Toronto Area. Made up of several villages in the suburbs of the big city, East Gwillimbury is one of the best places to live for families and young professionals. 

With historic landmarks, nature parks, and plenty of outdoor recreation, this town attracts many people who want to be close to Toronto without living in a bustling city. During the 2016 census, East Gwillimbury had a population of 23,991, it is now estimated at 35,615. By 2051, this town is expected to be over 125,000 and add 40,000 jobs. 

East Gwillimbury is the fastest-growing municipality in Canada, which grew in population by 44% between 2016 and 2021. People are flocking to this town because it is one of the areas designated for future urban growth in the York Region. 

2. New Tecumseth

 New Tecumseth landscape

New Tecumseth has a quiet and peaceful atmosphere, popular among families and retirees

Another town located near the Toronto Metropolitan Area, New Tecumseth, is situated in Simcoe County in south-central Ontario. This picturesque community is popular among diverse groups of people due to its natural beauty and small-town lifestyle. It’s an excellent place for retirees and families because of its quiet and peaceful atmosphere. 

New Tecumseth features three urban centers surrounded by rural areas for farming and manufacturing. This town has excellent parks and is known for its conservation area. The population during the 2019 census was 41,439 and is now estimated over 45,500. It had a positive population change of 28.3% between 2016 and 2021, higher than the national average. 

This small town attracts people due to its abundant natural beauty, proximity to Toronto, industry, and close-knit community. With dramatic growth, New Tecumseth is estimated to have more than 80,000 people within the next few decades.

3. Langford

Man and dog standing on the mountain at Mount Wells Regional Park in Langford, British Columbia, Canada

Langford grew by more than 30% within five years

The city of Langford lies on the southern end of Vancouver Island in British Columbia. It is part of the Greater Victoria area and sits within the Capital Regional District. Along with its proximity to the city, Langford is popular for its abundant nature parks and vast network of hiking and walking trails. It’s a progressive community that enjoys the perfect blend of life, work, and play.

In 2016, Langford had a population of 35,342 and is now estimated at nearly 50,000, making it the fastest-growing municipality in British Columbia. Langford has grown by 31.8% since 2016 and features an average annual growth rate of 3.87%. It’s a popular small city for families, as it is close to the city while still offering affordability and peaceful nature areas.

4. Saint-Apollinaire

Located in Quebec, Saint-Apollinaire is a municipality in the Chaudiere-Appalaches region, where it’s known for its historic sites, museums, outdoor recreation, and stunning natural scenery. Saint-Apollinaire has plenty to do and see, including a rich French culture, without all of the tourists. 

This small town had a population of 6,110 during the 2016 census and is now around 8,136. Since 2016, Saint-Apollinaire’s population increased by more than 30%. People are flocking to this town due to its culture, recreation, and proximity to bustling cities.  

5. Niverville

Niverville. Canada on a map.

Niverville is one of the fastest growing towns in Canada

The town of Niverville is in the Eastman Region of Manitoba, Canada. It lies between two rural communities and offers residents a blend of suburban and small-town living. Niverville is popular among families due to its family-oriented activities, affordability, new homes, amenities, and plenty of outdoor space. 

Niverville had a population of 4,083 in 2016 and now features a population of around 6,000. It is the fastest-growing town in Manitoba, increasing its residents by 29% between 2016 and 2021. People are flocking to this area because of its shorter commute and affordability. Those looking to buy a home can expect to spend $100,000 less than the average Winnipeg home.

A Summary of the 5 Fastest Growing Towns in Canada

NumberFastest-Growing Towns in Canada
#1East Gwillimbury
#2New Tecumseth

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