10 Breathtaking Mountains and Hikes in Texas

Written by Taylor Comstock
Updated: March 28, 2022
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After Alaska, Texas is the second-largest state in the U.S., making up about 7% of the country. Because of its large size, you can find over 2,000 mountains in Texas. This state is home to three large mountain ranges; the Franklin mountains, the Davis mountains, and the Guadalupe mountains. Within these mountains in Texas, there’s a diverse range of plant and animal life as well as trails and lookout points. Here are ten amazing mountains in Texas. 

1.) Guadalupe Peak 

Guadalupe peak is actually an ancient fossilized coral reef!

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  • Located in: Culberson County
  • Height: 8,751 feet
  • Nearby City: El Paso and Carlsbad
  • Known For: The tallest peak in Texas

Reaching an elevation of 8,751 ft Guadalupe Peak is part of one of the most incredible mountain ranges you can find in Texas, the Guadalupe Mountains. Within the Guadalupe mountains, you can find a wide variety of species, including 60 species of mammals, 289 species of bird, and 55 species of reptile. Some of the most common animals found here are gray foxes, elk, black bears, mountain lions, porcupines, and short-horned lizards. 

2.) Amon-Carter Peak 

  • Located in: Big Bend National Park
  • Height: 5,688 feet
  • Nearby City: Marfa
  • Known For: Incredible Hiking

Within the Chisos Mountains in Big Bend National Park you can find Amon-Carter Peak. Its peak reaches an elevation of 5,688 feet and is one of the lowest summits in the Chisos Mountains. Even though it’s not the highest mountain, Amon-Carter Peak, is a hiking destination that many love. This mountain is known for its picturesque beauty and incredible views. 

3.) Goat Mountain 

Goat Mountain is actually a volcanic peak

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  • Located in: Big Bend National Park
  • Height: 4,625 feet
  • Nearby City: Marfa
  • Known For: A geologist paradise

Found amongst the peaks and valleys of the Chisos Mountain range, Goat Mountain is a peak that has two summits reaching an elevation of around 4,625 ft. This unique mountain contains a great destination for geologists or mineral enthusiasts. Amongst the distinctive layers on the lower portion of the mountains is a “V” shape that was once a river valley filled by flowing lava. The lava has since dried up and left behind many different kinds of interesting minerals. 

4.) Bush Mountain 

Bush Mountain offers a unique view at its peak of the more remote sections of the Guadalupe Mountains

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  • Located in: Culberson County
  • Height: 8,631 feet
  • Nearby City: El Paso and Carlsbad
  • Known For: Trees, wildlife, and hiking trails.

Bush Mountain is the second highest peak in the Guadalupe Mountains and in Texas, reaching an elevation of 8,631 ft. This mountain has trails that are covered in soft grass, douglas fir, and ponderosa pine trees, making it a beautiful hiking destination. Being in the Guadalupe Mountains, Bush Mountain is home to a wide variety of wildlife like the ferruginous hawk, mountain lions, mule deer, raccoons, and the barn owl. This mountain peak is known for its beauty and is one of the region’s most visited mountains. 

5.) Cerro Castellan Peak 

Cerro Castellan Peak sits in a remote area of Big Bend National Park dominating the landscape with its sheer cliffs


  • Located in: Big Bend National Park
  • Height: 3,293 feet
  • Nearby City: Marfa
  • Known For: A butte that dominates parts of Big Bend

Cerro Castellan Peak is a mountain that rises from desert terrain, reaching an elevation of 3,293 feet. This mountain peak is a large stack of volcanic rocks including ash, lava, and tuffaceous rocks. On the rocky edges of the mountain little to no vegetation grows. However, around its base, the ground is covered in desert shrubs. You can find animals like bobcats, bats, rabbits, and elk. 

6.) Chinati Peak 

Chinati Peak is surrounded by jagged desert peaks and rugged canyons

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  • Located in: Presidio
  • Height: 7,728 feet
  • Nearby City: Marfa
  • Known For: A remote mountain that dominates the local scenery

Chinati Peak is the highest summit in the Chinati Mountains in Texas. Rising to an elevation of 7,728 ft. this mountain peak is much less known than others on this list because of its remote location and lack of access to hiking areas. You can find this mountain on the edge of the Mexico border near Big Bend Ranch State Park.

There is an abundance of plant life and wildlife near Big Bend, some of which is commonly seen around the Chinati Mountains. This includes animals like bats, bobcats, raccoons, and the gray checkered whiptail lizard, which is unique to the Chinati Mountains area. Common plant life in the area includes bear grass, sotol, yucca, and skeleton-leaf goldeneye.

7.) Hunter Peak 

Hunter Peak dominates a good portion of the southern Guadalupe Mountain range

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  • Located in: Culberson
  • Height: 8,368 feet
  • Nearby City: El Paso and Carlsbad
  • Known For: A strenuous hike with amazing views

Hunter peak stands only 384 ft. below the tallest peak of the Guadalupe Mountains. With an elevation of 8,368 ft., this mountain is the sixth highest peak in the state of Texas. The south side of the mountain is nothing but vast desert terrain, while the north side is a rocky pine-forested landscape. 

Because of the beautiful mix of landscapes, Hunter Peak has a wide range of wildlife. Animals like screeching owls, ruby-throated hummingbirds, badgers, and collared peccary. The hike up to the summit may be strenuous, but with the diverse landscape and abundance of wildlife and plantlife, Hunter Peak is a beautiful hidden gem with amazing views. 

8.) Baldy Peak 

Baldy Peak is the most isolated peak in Texas

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  • Located in: Culberson
  • Height: 8,378 feet
  • Nearby City: Fort Davis
  • Known For: An isolated peak in the Davis Mountains

Also known as Mount Livermore, Baldy Peak stands tall as Texas’ 5th highest peak reaching an elevation of 8,378 ft. This breathtaking mountain is part of the Davis Mountain range in western Texas. The southern portion of Baldy Peak is owned by Livermore ranch and the Northern part is owned by the Nature Conservancy. This means most of the year there is no access to hiking trails on this mountain. They allow hiking and camping on the mountain for only a few days per year in order to preserve the mountain and wildlife. 

Baldy Peak has a variety of plant life like ponderosa pines, wild cherries, and net-leaf oak. This plant life helps support wildlife in the area like canyon tree-frogs, black-tailed rattlesnakes, and mule deer. If you’re lucky enough to go hiking here you’ll enjoy amazing views, breathtaking nature, and maybe even some wildlife. 

9.) Mescalero Mountain 

  • Located in: Jeff Davis
  • Height: 8,060 feet (Arrowhead Peak)
  • Nearby City: Fort Davis
  • Known For: Thiving wildlife with limited days to hike

Mescalero Mountain is nestled in the Davis mountain range with three summits, Arrowhead, Apache, and Point. The highest peak is Arrowhead which reaches a height of 8, 060 ft. its second tallest peak, Apache, reaches a height of 8045 ft., and the lowest peak, Point, reaches a height of 7,990 ft. The Davis Mountain range is owned by the Nature Conservancy so public access is limited to a few days per year. 

Since Mescalero Mountain has limited public access this keeps the plant and wildlife thriving. Because of this, the Davis Mountain range is considered one of the most scenic areas of Texas. Common wildlife found near this mountain includes black bears, elk, bobcats, and over 100 species of birds!

10.) Fresno Peak 

Fresno Peak is one of the least visited mountains in Big Bend Ranch State Park


  • Located in: Presidio
  • Height: 5,131 feet
  • Nearby City: Marathon
  • Known For: A secluded mountain for the most experienced of hikers

Located in the Big Bend Ranch State Park in the Chihuahuan Desert, Fresno Peak sits at 5,131 ft. in a remote area that’s nearly 15 miles from the nearest road. This mountain is surrounded by harsh desert and because there are no established trails hiking this peak can be brutal even for experienced hikers. With its dramatic geology and diverse plant and animal life, the landscape around this mountain provides a great place to study and experience nature.

The Highest Point in Texas

The highest point in Texas is Guadalupe Peak. It stands at an elevation of 8,751 feet and has a prominence of 3,029 feet. The peak is near the border with New Mexico and about 90 miles east of El Paso. Other nearby mountains that are nearly as tall as Guadalupe include Bush Mountain (8,631 ft), Shumard Peak (8,615 ft), Bartlett Peak (8,509 ft), and Hunter Peak (8,369 ft).

A List of the Tallest Mountains in Texas

While we’ve featured some amazing mountains and peaks across Texas, if you’re looking for the highest peaks you’ll need to head to Culberson, Jeff Davis, and Brewster counties in West Texas. All these counties include the highest peaks in Texas.

  1. Guadlupe Peak (8,751 ft)
  2. Bush Mountain (8,631 ft)
  3. Shumard Peak (8,615 fet)
  4. Bartlett Peak (8,508 ft)
  5. Baldy Peak (8,378 ft)
  6. Hunter Peak (8,368 ft)
  7. Blue Ridge (8,360 ft)
  8. Mt. Pratt (8,342 ft)
  9. Blue Ridge (8,280 ft)
  10. El Capitan (8,085 ft)

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Are there volcanoes in Texxas?

Yes, there are around 200 volcanoes in Texas! However, they are extinct and none have erupted in about 30 million years.

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