10 Amazing Waterfalls in Colorado

Written by Volia Schubiger
Published: May 10, 2022
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Colorado is one of the most beautiful states in the entire country, thanks to its diverse landscape. You’ll find everything here, from arid deserts to mountain tops and beautiful river canyons. There are also hundreds of waterfalls in Colorado, and you can hike directly to them. Mountain ranges are, after all, home to some amazing water features. Plan your next day’s trip with our list of ten of the most amazing waterfalls in Colorado.

1. Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls Colorado

Bridal Veil Falls is the highest free-falling waterfall in Colorado.

©Daniel Mullins/Shutterstock.com

Location:Telluride, Colorado
Nearby Attractions:Telluride Ski Resort
Animals to See:Lynx, Beavers

Bridal Veil Falls, Colorado’s largest free-falling waterfall, plunges 365 feet into a mountain box canyon. Telluride, a mountain town known for its skiing and festivals, also sits in the box canyon, and it is also quite a sight to see. You can reach Bridal Veil Falls by climbing through rocky terrain that reaches 1,200 feet in height over a 1.8-mile climb. Hikers will find a variety of intriguing routes above the falls, as well as an old power plant.

2. Adrenaline Falls

Location:Durango, Colorado
Nearby Attractions:Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad
Animals to See:Mountain Lions, Moose

Perhaps Colorado’s best-kept secret is Adrenaline Falls. It can be quite difficult to locate the falls, which is off Lime Creek Road. There is a trailhead approximately 2.2 miles from the road. 

The final destination on the journey is the spectacular 15-foot cascade known as Adrenaline Falls. Your best bet is to ask someone from Durango for directions. After all, they value the falls and don’t want them messed with.

3. Seven Falls

Seven Falls Colorado

Seven Falls is a 181-foot waterfall located in a natural box canyon.

©iStock.com/Florian Fouchard

Location:Colorado Springs, CO
Nearby Attractions:Pikes Peak
Animals to See:Mule Deer, Rabbits

One of the most visited waterfalls in Colorado is Seven Falls, which is located just outside of Colorado Springs. There are seven falls along the river, which is why it is called the Seven Falls. You may also take the elevator instead of hiking up the 224 stairs alongside the Seven Falls. National Geographic has also featured this waterfall on its list of waterfalls, and some claim it’s the most beautiful in a very scenic state.

4. South Fork Mineral Creek Falls

Location:Durango, CO
Nearby Attractions:San Juan National Forest
Animals to See:Morning Dove, Marmot

The two-step cascade of South Mineral Creek Falls in Durango and Silverton, Colorado, enchants tourists. The first step descends 35 feet into a marvelous blue lagoon surrounded by jagged reddish cliffs. There’s a small valley where the waterfalls are another 20 feet below the pool. Experiencing South Fork Mineral Creek Falls will be a memorable experience.

5. North Clear Creek Falls

North Clear Creek Falls Colorado

North Clear Creek Falls is a 100-foot waterfall sculpted into the southwest Colorado landscape.


Location:Hinsdale County, Colorado
Nearby Attractions:Rio Grande National Forest
Animals to See:Pronghorn, Black Bear

North Clear Creek Falls, located near Lake City in southwestern Colorado, is without a doubt one of the most stunning waterfalls in Colorado. Water can be heard just a few feet from your car. It’s only a five-minute walk from your car to the falls. To reach the falls, you’ll travel the Silver Thread Scenic Byway to Forest Road 510. 

6. Box Canyon Falls

Box Canyon Falls Colorado

Box Canyon Falls Park is a beautiful waterfall attraction near Ouray, Colorado, known as the “Switzerland of America.”

©iStock.com/Patrick Jennings

Location:Ouray, CO
Nearby Attractions:Box Canyon Falls Park
Animals to See:Bighorn Sheep, Grouse

The 280-foot cascade at Box Canyon Falls, nestled in a tiny Ouray box canyon, may be explored from top to bottom via a stairway, hiking trail, and suspension bridge. The suspension bridge and footbridge take you to the heart of the falls on a 500-foot journey. It’s an unforgettable feeling to hear thousands of gallons of water rushing all around you. 

7. Rifle Falls

Rifle Falls Colorado

Rifle Falls is a true gem as it is the only triple waterfall in Colorado.


Location:Rifle, Colorado
Nearby Attractions:Rifle Falls State Park
Animals to See:Northern Leopard Frog, Western Screech Owl

When it comes to waterfalls, how about getting three for one? Rifle Falls is the place for that. A total of three cascades, totaling more than 70 feet, fall from limestone cliffs into a lake. Water sprays from the foot of the falls, which is refreshing on a hot summer day. This route also offers a unique chance to hike around moss-covered rocks and a variety of colorful flowers, which are not common in this desert region.

8. Helen Hunt Falls

Helen Hunt Falls Colorado

Helen Hunt Falls cascades 35 feet over rocks in North Cheyenne Creek.


Location:Colorado Springs, Colorado
Nearby Attractions:North Cheyenne CaƱon Park
Animals to See:American Dipper, Broad-tailed Hummingbird

Due to its proximity to Colorado Springs and its beautiful environment, Helen Hunt Falls is an extremely popular waterfall in Colorado. The falls may be seen at North Cheyenne Canyon Park in Colorado Springs. During the cold season, the route may be quite treacherous. However, the reason people still bother to trek out here in the winter is that the falls are also incredibly beautiful when they freeze.

9. Fish Creek Falls

Fish Creek Falls Colorado

Fish Creek Falls is a waterfall located around five miles east of Steamboat Springs.


Location:Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Nearby Attractions:Routt National Forest
Animals to See:White-tailed Deer, Colorado Chipmunk

The Fish Creek Canyon, where the majestic 280-foot Fish Creek Falls spills over, is one of the most popular attractions in the area. Water roars down Fish Creek’s cliff when the temperatures rise and snowmelt peaks. A soft spray and a deafening roar reward those who venture to the creek. Take the time out to visit this waterfall. It’s gorgeous.

10. Horsetooth Falls

Horsetooth Falls

Horsetooth Falls is among the area’s shortest but the most scenic trails.

©Kyle Broderick/Shutterstock.com

Location:Fort Collins, CO
Nearby Attractions:Horsetooth Mountain Park
Animals to See:Mule Deer, Bluebird

Within Horsetooth Mountain Park, just outside Fort Collins, you will find the Horsetooth Falls Loop Trail, a 2.9-mile round-trip hike above the falls. Between Horsetooth Falls and Spring Creek paths, Horsetooth Falls cascades over a short, steep rock chute. As the summer approaches, the route to the falls is bordered by lots of pine trees, as well as beautiful wildflowers.

The photo featured at the top of this post is © iStock.com/Patrick Jennings

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