10 Amazing Waterfalls in Connecticut

Written by Volia Schubiger
Updated: June 13, 2023
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Connecticut is a state in New England filled with absolutely gorgeous scenery. There are a few things you may think of when you think of this little state: Yale, autumn leaves, and lighthouses. But did you know that Connecticut also has some absolutely breathtaking trails and waterfalls? Check out these 10 must-see waterfalls in Connecticut as we plan the perfect weekend itinerary for nature lovers.


Read on for more information about these beautiful waterfalls, their locations, what’s nearby, and what animals you are likely to see there!

1. Great Falls

Great Falls Connecticut

Many people call the Great Falls the “Niagra Falls” of Connecticut.

©iStock.com/Jennifer Yakey-Ault

Great Falls
Location:Canaan, Connecticut
Nearby Attractions:Falls Village
Animals to See:White-Tail Deer, Eastern Gray Squirrel

In the town of Canaan, Great Falls is part of Falls Village, a quaint village known for its lush natural surroundings. There’s no better way to describe this 50 ft waterfall than as a sight to behold. One of the main reasons to visit this waterfall is you can paddle right below the falls in a kayak, getting up close and personal.

Next, let’s find out which waterfall is the tallest in the state!

2. Kent Falls

Kent Falls Connecticut

Kent Falls is the tallest waterfall in Connecticut.


Kent Falls
Location:Kent, Connecticut
Nearby Attractions:Kent Falls State Park
Animals to See:Red-Headed Woodpecker, Blue-Winged Warbler

Tourists and locals alike love this waterfall in Connecticut. A 250 ft cascade makes it easy to see why people come from across the country. Located in Kent Falls State Park, this park is well known for its cleanliness and high maintenance. Exploring this waterfall is more than just a fun event for the whole family – your friends are welcome too! What better way to spend a day than with a picnic and a hike?

3. Burr Falls

Burr pond state park beautiful early autumn lake views with colorful trees reflection in new england connecticut United States on a sunny day.

Burr Falls can be found within Burr Pond State Park, as seen in this gorgeous Autumn picture.


Burr Falls
Location:Torrington, Connecticut
Nearby Attractions:Burr Pond State Park
Animals to See:Trout, Bass

In Burr Pond State Park, there’s a gorgeous waterfall called Burr Falls. With a drop of 45 feet, this waterfall features a slow and gentle drop down the rocks. There are some slippery stones with moss, so watch where you step! There are also lots of activities at Burr Pond State Park, like boating, swimming, and fishing. 

Looking for a waterfall with a fabulous swimming area? Then you’ll love this next waterfall in Connecticut.

4. Enders Falls

Enders Falls Connecticut

Enders Falls is a popular summer swimming spot.

©iStock.com/Jennifer Yakey-Ault

Enders Falls
Location:Granby, Connecticut
Nearby Attractions:Enders State Forest
Animals to See:American Red Squirrel, Raccoons

There are 5 waterfalls in Enders State Forest, a 2000-acre state forest. Every single waterfall here is different and worth visiting. The trails in this forest are all marked according to difficulty, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not you can complete them or not.  

5. Campbell Falls

Campbell Falls Connecticut

Campbell Falls are characterized by its “zig-zag” appearance.


Campbell Falls
Location:Norfolk, Connecticut
Nearby Attractions:Campbell Falls State Park
Animals to See:American Red Squirrel, Raccoons

Campbell Falls is located in Campbell Falls State Park. This waterfall in Connecticut features a 50 ft drop that flows into a plunge pool. Trees and greenery are abundant surrounding the waterfall, making it the perfect place for relaxation. You’ll only have to walk less than a mile to get there. It’s also the perfect spot to go fishing and/or hiking.

6. Yantic Falls

Yantic Falls Connecticut

The Yantic Falls are also referred to as the Indian Leap Falls.

©iStock.com/Colette Driscoll Long

Yantic Falls
Location:Norwich, Connecticut
Nearby Attractions:Slater Memorial Museum
Animals to See:Cardinal, Finches

This waterfall in Connecticut stands at a breathtaking 40 ft. When the weather changes and it rains, Yantic Falls dramatically expand in size, making it a popular attraction all year round. Visiting these falls is exciting because you can see the old train tracks that were once used. Today, many people walk along the train tracks into the forest and use them as locations for great photography. 

7. Chapman Falls

Chapman Falls Connecticut

The most striking feature of Chapman Falls is its stairway rocks, where water cascades down.


Chapman Falls
Location:East Haddam, Connecticut
Nearby Attractions:Devil’s Hopyard State Park
Animals to See:Cottontail Rabbits, Red Foxes

The 60-foot Chapman Falls is just a short walk from the parking lot. It’s a short hike and once you get there, you’ll see plenty of open space, which is perfect for a picnic. During the summer you will see many people swimming at the falls and hanging behind the water cascade itself. Camping, fishing, and hiking are all popular at Devil’s Hopyard State Park.

We know all about the tallest waterfall in Connecticut, but what about the second tallest? We’ve got that covered next.

8. Roaring Brook Falls

Roaring Brook Falls Connecticut

Roaring Brook Falls is the second tallest waterfall in Connecticut.

©Jgcoleman / Creative Commons – License

Roaring Brook Falls
Location:Cheshire, Connecticut 
Nearby Attractions:Naugatuck State Forest
Animals to See:Connecticut Warbler, Red-Winged Blackbird

Roaring Brook Falls is an 80 ft single-drop waterfall in Connecticut. Originally intended for development, the Roaring Brook Falls was saved by the Cheshire Land Trust in the 1970s. The town of Cheshire has now taken it over, so this waterfall is protected and remains an important part of Connecticut. 

9. Buttermilk Falls

Buttermilk Falls Connecticut

The Nature Conservancy owns Buttermilk Falls.

©iStock.com/Jennifer Yakey-Ault

Buttermilk Falls
Location:Plymouth, Connecticut
Nearby Attractions:Lock Museum of America
Animals to See:Chipmunks, Foxes

The Mattatuck Trail leads to Buttermilk Falls. With a 55-foot drop, this waterfall plunges into a small pool below, surrounded by wildflowers and mossy rocks. To see the sheer volume of water flowing down the falls, most people go right after heavy rain. There is nothing more picturesque than these gorgeous falls.  

10. Blackledge Falls 

Blackledge Falls  Connecticut

Blackledge Falls is the hidden gem waterfall in Connecticut.


Blackledge Falls 
Location:Glastonbury, Connecticut
Nearby Attractions:Blackledge Falls Park
Animals to See:Red Tail Hawks, Blackbirds 

Blackledge Falls get their name from the ledge from where they drop. After the water drops onto the ledge, it looks very dark, almost black. Trails lead right to the top of the falls, so you can enjoy an incredible view of the falls from the top. The hike is relatively easy, but be aware of steep areas. 

Summary of 10 Amazing Waterfalls in Connecticut:

Name of WaterfallLocationNearby AttractionAnimals to See
Great FallsCanaanFalls VillageWhite-Tail Deer, Eastern Gray Squirrel
Kent FallsKentKent Falls State ParkRed-Headed Woodpecker,, Blue-Winged Warbler
Burr FallsTorringtonBurr Pond State ParkTrout, Bass
Enders FallsGranbyEnders State ForestAmerican Red Squirrel, Raccoons
Campbell FallsNorfolkCampbell Falls State ParkAmerican Red Squirrel, Raccoons
Yantic FallsNorwichSlater Memorial MuseumCardinals, Finches
Chapman FallsEast HaddamDevil’s Hopyard State ParkCottontail Rabbits, Red Foxes
Roaring Brook FallsCheshireNaugatuck State ForestConnecticut Warbler, Red-Winged Blackbird
Buttermilk FallsPlymouthLock Museum of AmericaChipmunks, Foxes
Blackledge FallsGlastonburyBlackledge Falls ParkRed Tail Hawks, Blackbirds

The photo featured at the top of this post is © iStock.com/Jennifer Yakey-Ault

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