10 Amazing Waterfalls in Ohio (& Where To Find Them)

Written by Volia Schubiger
Updated: June 11, 2023
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You would be surprised how many waterfalls are located deep within the Ohio forests. In fact, many of the waterfalls in Ohio are found within state and national parks, which are easily accessible by hiking trails into the countryside. A few of these waterfalls measure approximately 100 feet in height and nearly 100 feet in width, and they are very picturesque.

These are the ten best waterfalls in Ohio! If you’re eager to check them all out, we’ve provided their locations as well.

1. Horseshoe Falls

Horseshoe Falls Ohio

While Horseshoe Falls is not a large waterfall, but the surrounding terrain makes it one of the most picturesque waterfalls in Ohio.

©Greg Dungan/Shutterstock.com

Location:Waynesville, OH
Nearby Attractions:Caesar Creek State Park
Animals to See:Bobwhite Quail, Weasel

Caesar Creek State Park is a pleasant place to explore on your way to Horseshoe Falls. This waterfall is located within the park on a 1.8-mile dirt trail that’s very easy to walk. Despite its small size, Horseshoe Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Ohio, in part because of the surrounding scenery and animals you can see there. It also provides a serene setting for a picnic since it cascades into the creek below.

2. Great Falls 

Great Falls Ohio

The Great Falls of Tinkers Creek are a waterfall and historical landmark in Bedford, Ohio.

©iStock.com/Jason Kostansek

Location:Bedford, OH
Nearby Attractions:Tinkers Creek Viaduct Park
Animals to See:Eastern Grey Squirrel, Blue jays

A small urban park in Bedford, Ohio, is home to this waterfall with a smooth 20-foot drop on Tinkers Creek, which is over 100 feet wide. Not only does Tinkers Creek’s Great Falls boast natural beauty, but it also is surrounded by remnants of Tinkers Creek’s history, which makes it a popular waterfall for photographers. At this Cleveland area location, the remains of a grain mill, a power plant, and a sawmill show that water played a major role in the development of the area.

3. Ash Cave Falls

Ash Cave Falls Ohio

Ash Cave waterfall is one of the most accessible water falls in Ohio, with a half-mile trail for wheelchairs and strollers.

©iStock.com/Wendy Van

Location:Logan, OH
Nearby Attractions:Hocking Hills State Park
Animals to See:Bobcats, Barred Owls

Ash Cave Falls is a 300-foot seasonal waterfall in Hocking State Park in northeastern Ohio. In the spring after the rains, the waterfall plunges over the rim of the cave’s most prominent recess. It drops from the rim of Ash Cave, a horseshoe-shaped recess cave 700 feet long, 100 feet deep, and 90 feet high. When early settlers discovered the area, massive mounds of ash were left behind by Native Americans – hence, the name.

4. Cedar Falls 

Cedar Falls Ohio

Cedar Falls cascades 40 feet down a rock face before ending in a 10-foot drop.


Location:Logan, OH
Nearby Attractions:Hocking Hills State Park
Animals to See:Wild Turkey, Timber Rattlesnakes

In Hocking Hills State Park in southeastern Ohio, Cedar Falls is a 50-foot waterfall fed by Queer Creek. The cascade of water seen in so many photos and artworks of this area is caused by layered sandstone underneath the falls. It’s not uncommon to see tourists cooling off or skipping rocks in the pool below the falls during the summer. In spring, Cedar Falls is at its most beautiful when the earth is covered with small wildflowers.

5. Berea Falls

Berea Falls Ohio

The Berea Falls are natural wonders created by the roaring waters of the Rocky River, which is part of the glacial history of the region.

©iStock.com/Jason Kostansek

Location:Berea, OH
Nearby Attractions:Rocky River Reservation
Animals to See:Common Ground-Dove, White-tailed Deer

In Berea, Ohio’s Rocky River Reservation, there is a small urban waterfall named Berea Falls. The waterfall is only 25 feet tall and consists of two main cascades and several smaller ones. Although it is not the most picturesque of water falls in Ohio, there are three bridges above the falls that offer beautiful views as well as many other waterfalls to explore nearby.

6. Brandywine Falls

Brandywine Falls Ohio

Brandywine Falls is a 60-foot waterfall in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, which was once an industrial center between Cleveland and Akron.


Location:Northfield, OH
Nearby Attractions:Cuyahoga Valley National Park
Animals to See:Coyotes, Salamanders

Cuyahoga Valley National Park has several noteworthy waterfalls in Ohio, but Brandywine Falls is one of the most beautiful. The 60-foot waterfall attracts a lot of people, especially in the fall when the leaves change colors. From a boardwalk, you can see the falls, but if you’re active and have time, you should go all the way down to the foot of Brandywine Falls and take in the majestic national park.

7. Buttermilk Falls

Buttermilk Falls Ohio

Buttermilk Falls may not have a direct route to the cascade, but the cascade is so popular with locals that a worn path leads to it now.

©iStock.com/Jason Kostansek

Location:Brecksville, Ohio
Nearby Attractions:Cuyahoga Valley National Park
Animals to See:Chipmunks, Woodchuck

Cuyahoga Valley National Park’s quiet valley is home to Buttermilk Falls, a majestic panoramic cascade among the waterfalls in Ohio. A leisurely 20-minute stroll takes you to Spring Creek Falls. On the way, you’ll pass Blue Hen Falls, and you’ll see lots of animals and plants. Buttermilk Falls is in a rugged spot spanning a creek three times. However, there aren’t any bridges, so you’ll have to hop rocks to get there.

8. Hayden Falls

Hayden Falls Ohio

Hayden Falls is one of Dublin Ohio’s hidden gems.


Location:Dublin, OH
Nearby Attractions:Hayden Falls Park
Animals to See:Bullfrog, Northern Copperhead

Hayden Falls is a 25-foot water feature found in Griggs Reservoir Park on the Scioto River’s west bank. The waterfall is fed by the Hayden Run and nestled in a lonely, picturesque valley fed by the Hayden Run. As the Hayden Run flows along the Scioto River to the Scioto River, it forms a steep ravine along the way, together with the falls, which is a beautiful place to explore. You can get to Hayden Falls by walking down a stairway off the south side of Hayden Run Road.

9. Paine Falls

Paine Falls Ohio

The breathtaking Paine Falls, northeast of Cleveland, cascades 30 feet in a double-decker cascade.

©iStock.com/Jason Kostansek

Location:Painesville, OH
Nearby Attractions:Paine Falls Park
Animals to See:Black Rat Snake, Fox Squirrel

Paine Falls waterfalls in Ohio are one of the most distinctive natural attractions because they are two-tiered. It is located near Painesville, Ohio, at Paine Falls Park. Although the waterfall is situated in a wooded area, the park provides amenities such as bathrooms so it is a nice day trip. It is particularly beautiful to see the falls after a fierce thunderstorm or in autumn, when the trees change color to red, orange, and yellow, giving them a beautiful rich hue.

10. Big and Little Lyons Falls

Little Lyons Falls Ohio

The tales of the Big Lyons Falls and Little Lyons Falls are legendary at the Mohican State Park.


Location:Ashland County, Ohio
Nearby Attractions:Mohican State Park
Animals to See:American Toad, Gray Tree Frog

There’s no reason to visit only one waterfall in Ohio when you can see two of the best on the same day. Both the Big and Little Lyons Falls can be found in the Mohican State Park in central Ohio, just thirty minutes from Mansfield. The Big Lyons Falls cascades 80 feet into the Clear Fork Gorge and is one of the most majestic waterfalls in the country. Little Lyons Falls is a smaller waterfall in the Clear Fork Gorge. There is no way to view the entire 25-foot plunge from above because of the granite formations, but it is still magnificent nonetheless.

Summary of the 10 Amazing Waterfalls in Ohio

RankWaterfall Name
1Horseshoe Falls
2Great Falls 
3Ash Cave Falls
4Cedar Falls 
5Berea Falls
6Brandywine Falls
7Buttermilk Falls
8Hayden Falls
9Paine Falls
10Big and Little Lyons Falls
Table of the 10 Amazing Waterfalls in Ohio

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Amor for Travel/Shutterstock.com

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