10 Breathtaking Waterfalls in Wisconsin

Written by Volia Schubiger
Updated: June 13, 2023
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Wisconsin is more than just dairy products. When you think of Wisconsin, you are more than likely to hear the word “cheese.” While Wisconsin is renowned for dairy products, it is also home to stunning scenery and some of the most breathtaking waterfalls. Take a look at 10 of the most beautiful waterfalls in Wisconsin that will have you ready to book your next vacation.


Read on for more detail about these natural wonders!

1. Cascade Falls

Cascade Falls

Cascade Falls once operated an old mill whose remains can still be seen at the site.

©Linda McKusick/Shutterstock.com

Cascade FallsDetails
Location:Osceola, Wisconsin
Nearby Attractions:St. Croix River
Animals to See:Deer, Foxes

A visit to Osceola isn’t complete without seeing Cascade Falls. It’s extremely accessible, and there are only a few hundred steps down before you reach the waterfall. Getting there doesn’t require a long hike. A stunning pool of water awaits at the bottom of this waterfall, which stands 25 feet high. From here, you can access the St. Croix River.

2. Long Slide Falls

Long Slide Falls

Long Slide Falls happens to be one of the largest slide falls in the Northeast Wisconsin Area.


Long Slide FallsDetails
Location:Pembine, Wisconsin
Nearby Attractions:Long Slide Falls County Park
Animals to See:Squirrels, Birds

The 50-foot slide waterfall at Long Slide Falls is appropriately named. Strong currents of water cascade down rock formations beneath it. Some of the rocks can even be climbed, but you have to be careful as they are extremely slippery. Several vantage points are available from which to view the falls, including one near the parking lot and another that leads directly to the rocks.

3. Superior Falls

Superior Falls

The Wisconsin-Michigan border is shared by Superior Falls, which is considered an interstate waterfall.

©David Wipf / flickr – License

Superior FallsDetails
Location:Iron County, Wisconsin
Nearby Attractions:Montreal River
Animals to See:Beavers, Western Painted Turtles

In Wisconsin, Superior Falls is an impressive waterfall that plunges 90 feet. As you approach the parking lot, you are greeted with an impressive view. The majority of people tend to flock there to get a glimpse of the scene. For a closer look, you can hike down to Lake Superior via a steep path. This provides a different vantage point from which to view the gorge walls as the water cascades down.

4. Lost Creek Falls

Lost Creek Falls

Lost Creek Falls features the ability to walk behind the falls, making it a highly unique waterfall in Wisconsin.

©Retired Guy Photography/Shutterstock.com

Lost Creek FallsDetails
Location:Cornucopia, Wisconsin
Nearby Attractions:Lake Superior
Animals to See:Raccoons, Minks

Although Lost Creek Falls is small, the scenery more than makes up for its size. The water cascades down an eight-foot drop and continues to fall into a pool below as it falls once more. A lush forest surrounds the trail that leads to this waterfall, which is about two miles away. Once at the base, you’ll find an amazing open area that is the perfect place to take pictures. 

5. Morgan Falls

Morgan Falls

Morgan Falls features a stunning view of Lake Superior and The Apostle Islands.


Morgan FallsDetails
Location:Marengo, Wisconsin
Nearby Attractions:Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest
Animals to See:Black Bears, Moose

There is a 70ft waterfall called Morgan Falls in the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest. This waterfall is known for its steep cascade, which allows the water to return to a pool by zipping along the moss-covered rocks. There is a short one-and-a-half-mile trail to the waterfall along a bridge and boardwalk, making it very accessible.

6. Little Manitou Falls

Little Manitou Falls

Native Americans who settled near Little Manitou Falls are said to have left great legends behind.


Little Manitou FallsDetails
Location:Superior, Wisconsin
Nearby Attractions:Pattison State Park
Animals to See:Rabbits, Wolves

Located in Wisconsin, Little Manitou Falls has a split drop of 30 feet into the Black River. During the winter months, the falls reach great volumes due to snowmelt, and there are plenty of opportunities to explore the surrounding area. Little Manitou Falls’ “big brother” is the 165-ft-tall Big Manitou Falls, which cascades into a fog-filled canyon about a mile away. These two waterfalls are both spectacular and unique.

7. Potato River Falls

Potato River Falls

The park has three trails that can be used to view the incredible Potato River Falls.

©Big Joe/Shutterstock.com

Potato River FallsDetails
Location:Gurney, Wisconsin
Nearby Attractions:Iron County Park
Animals to See:Bald Eagles, Turkey Vultures

The Potato River Falls is an absolutely breathtaking waterfall in Wisconsin. There are two sections, the upper and lower potato falls, which together have a height of 90 feet. Because the area around the falls is so large, exploring it is highly recommended. In addition to camping and picnic areas, the area also offers other recreational opportunities.

8. Willow Falls

Willow Falls

The Willow Falls, which empties into the St. Croix River, contains several tiers.

©Joseph Scott Photography/Shutterstock.com

Willow FallsDetails
Location:Hudson, Wisconsin
Nearby Attractions:Willow River State Park
Animals to See:Blue Jays, Woodpeckers

Approximately 100 feet wide, Willow Falls has several drops, the largest being 15 feet. These falls are accessible by various trails, the shortest of which is about a quarter-mile long. A local dam once flooded Willow Falls, but thankfully, it has been restored to its natural state. 

9. Copper Falls

Copper Falls

The Copper Falls received their name from the state park in which they are located.

©Kate Bartnik/Shutterstock.com

Copper FallsDetails
Location:Ashland County, Wisconsin
Nearby Attractions:Copper Falls State Park
Animals to See:Northern Ravens, Canadian Warblers

The Copper Falls is a multi-tiered waterfall in Wisconsin that has a drop of about 30ft and flows into the Bad River. In the middle of the river, there is a large rock that separates the falls. The best thing about Copper Falls State Park is that there are also two other waterfalls to see; Brownstone Falls and Red Granite Falls. There’s nothing better than seeing multiple waterfalls in Wisconsin all at once.

10. Amnicon Falls

Amnicon Falls

Views of the Amnicon Falls can be enjoyed from the bridge that crosses between the two falls.

©Nina B/Shutterstock.com

Amnicon FallsDetails
Location:Douglas County, Wisconsin
Nearby Attractions:Amnicon Falls State Park
Animals to See:Coyotes, Porcupines

One of the four waterfalls in this park is Amnicon Falls. There are four other falls in this park known as Upper and Lower Amnicon Falls, Snake Pit Falls, and the Now and Then Falls. The upper part of the Amnicon Falls only has a drop of about 15 feet, so it’s a great place for swimming. Additionally, the lower part of the falls is 15 feet in height but has a 30-foot slide.

Summary of 10 Breathtaking Waterfalls in Wisconsin:

Name of WaterfallLocation in WINearby AttractionAnimals to See
Amnicon FallsDouglas CountyAmnicon Falls State ParkCoyotes, Porcupines
Copper FallsAshland CountyCopper Falls State ParkNorthern Ravens, Canadian Warblers
Willow FallsHudsonWillow River State ParkBlue Jays, Woodpeckers
Potato River FallsGurneyIron County ParkBald Eagles, Turkey Vultures
Little Manitou FallsSuperiorPattison State ParkRabbits, Wolves
Morgan FallsMarengoChequamegon-Nicolet National ForestBlack Bears, Moose
Lost Creek FallsCornucopiaLake SuperiorRaccoons, Minks
Superior FallsIron CountyMontreal RiverBeavers, Western Painted Turtles
Long Slide FallsPembineLong Slide Falls County ParkSquirrels, Birds
Cascade FallsOsceolaSt. Croix RiverDeer, Foxes

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Big Joe/Shutterstock.com

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