10 Incredible Maltipoo Facts

Written by Hannah Ward
Published: August 11, 2022
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Maltipoos are some of the most adorable dogs around and are well loved for their excellent nature and high intelligence. They are fascinating breeds and have a unique coat that can be soft or wiry depending on the genetics of the dog. But that’s not all as there is much more to learn about them – including finding out which colors are popular, how much they shed, and how many puppies they have. So join us as we discover 10 incredible Maltipoo facts!

1. Maltipoos are a Fairly New Breed

Maltipoo is a dog breed that has quickly grown popular despite still being fairly new. It originated a mere 30 years ago in the 1990s in the USA. It is a cross between a Maltese terrier and a toy or miniature poodle. Maltipoos were bred specifically with the intention of creating a dog that is small and affectionate.

2. Maltipoos have Three Coat Types

one of the most incredible maltipoo facts is that they have three different coat types
Maltipoos have three different coat types.


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Incredibly, Maltipoos actually have three different coat types – soft and silky, thick and curly, and wiry and wavy. This is because of their parentage, so their coat type depends on which genes they have inherited. Maltipoos which take more after Maltese terriers tend to have soft and silky coats with fairly straight hair. If they take more after poodles, then they tend to have a thick and curly coat, while wiry and wavy coats seem to be a mixture of the two breeds. However, regardless of which coat type they have, all Maltipoos have a single-layer coat. This is because both Maltese terriers and poodles also have single-layer coats.

3. Maltipoos Shed Very Little

Even though Maltipoos can have three different coat types, they all share one thing in common – they shed very little. This is because – as we’ve just mentioned – they only have single-layer coats. Dogs with single-layer coats have a longer cycle of hair growth than double-layer coats do, which means that they don’t shed excessively twice a year like those with double-layer coats do. It also means their coats often get quite long and can require trimming. Although they do still shed some hair it is much, much less. Additionally, as they are not shedding a lot of hair, Maltipoos don’t trigger as many allergies in people as other dogs do. Maltipoos are not completely hypoallergenic, but they come pretty close.

4. Maltipoos are Extremely Affectionate

One of the best things about Maltipoos – and indeed one of the reasons the breed was created – is their excellent nature. This is because Matipoos are extremely gentle and affectionate dogs who make great pets. They are good-natured with the entire family and thrive on attention. However, they are also very active and full of fun, so they do require plenty of exercise too.

5. Maltipoos Often Bark at Strangers

Although they are not actually guard dogs, Maltipoos do a great job of protecting their owners and their home. This is because they frequently bark at strangers so that you know that there is someone different around. However, Maltipoos are not naturally disposed to barking at just anything, so if they are barking then it is likely for a good reason.

6. Maltipoos usually have 4 to 6 Puppies

Most Maltipoos give birth to 4 to 6 puppies per litter.


Litter size varies widely in dogs depending on factors such as their breed and their age. Although some breeds can have much larger litters, Maltipoos typically have between 4 and 6 puppies per litter. Quite often, they have a smaller litter for their first pregnancy, and having only a single puppy for it is not uncommon.

7. The Maltipoo Size Varies a Lot

As Maltipoos are a cross between two different-sized dog breeds, their own size varies a lot. Maltipoos can weigh anything between 5 and 20 pounds and stand between 8 and 14 inches tall. The actual size of each dog is determined by the genes that they inherit from their parents. This is because Maltese terriers are fairly small while the poodles – particularly miniature poodles – are the larger of their parents.

8. Brown is the Maltipoo’s Rarest Color

Maltipoos can have a wide range of colors – such as gold, grey, cream, and white (the most common color). However, surprisingly brown Maltipoos are actually really rare. One of the main reasons for this is that the breed standard favors lighter colors. This influences the breeding of lighter-colored dogs together to produce light-colored puppies. Dark brown Maltipoos do exist but they are definitely difficult to find.

9. Maltipoos cannot be Registered with the AKC

Maltipoo standing in the grass
As Maltipoos are a crossbreed, they cannot be registered by the AKC.

©Rob Hainer/Shutterstock.com

Although Maltipoos originated in America and are extremely popular there, they cannot be registered with the American Kennel Club. This is because Maltipoos are technically a cross breed while the American Kennel Club is only for pure-bred dogs.

10. Maltipoos make Excellent Therapy Dogs

As we mentioned earlier, Maltipoos have a really good nature. Therefore, they actually make excellent therapy dogs because they are calm, affectionate, and incredibly clever too! Therapy dogs regularly go into places such as schools and hospitals where they can visit with the sick and elderly and even work with children.

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Maltipoos can be great pets for families.
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