10 of the Most Breathtaking Waterfalls in Vermont

Written by Volia Nikaci
Published: May 24, 2022
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Vermont is one of the most popular tourist destinations in America, and with good reason. A visit to Vermont will enlighten you as to the state’s natural beauty. Along with big mountains and thick forests, there are several stunning waterfalls in the state. So, if you’re interested in seeing all of the beauty that the waterfalls in Vermont have to offer, you should keep reading! We’ve got the rundown on 10 of the most breathtaking waterfalls in Vermont that will absolutely blow you away with their beauty.

1. Moss Glen Falls 

Moss Glen Falls Vermont
Granville’s Moss Glen Falls is a beautiful horsetail waterfall with a small stream of water flowing from it.

©iStock.com/Elizabeth M. Ruggiero

Location:Granville, Vermont
Nearby Attractions:Green Mountain National Forest
Animals to See:Black Bear, Moose

Granville has a beautiful horsetail waterfall called Moss Glen Falls, with streams flowing down an angled granite wall. They start as a series of tiny steps before expanding into a pale turquoise pool about 25 feet across. The 35-foot-tall falls are located in the Green Mountain National Forest, but can also be viewed by driving Vermont Route 100 if you are not able to walk there. However, no matter where you are, they are a stunning sight to see.

2. Bingham Falls

Bingham Falls Vermont
Bingham Falls has quickly established itself as one of the most popular waterfalls in Vermont.


Location:Stowe, Vermont
Nearby Attractions:Mt. Mansfield State Forest
Animals to See:White-tailed Deer, Snowshoe Hares

When you’re looking for a truly beautiful setting, take a trip to Bingham Falls. Many people are familiar with Bingham Falls because of its vast pools and gorges. The 25-foot-tall waterfall channels water from the west branch of the Waterbury River into swimming holes frequented both by locals and visitors alike. The swimming holes are open to the public, but be careful of the current when you dip your toes in.

3. Lye Brook Falls

Lye Brook Falls Vermont
Lye Brook Falls is one of the highest waterfalls in Vermont.


Location:Manchester Center, Vermont
Nearby Attractions:Hildene, Lincoln Family Home
Animals to See:Blue Jays, Beavers

Lye Brook Falls, located in the Green Mountain National Forest in Manchester, is one of Vermont’s most impressive waterfalls at 125 feet. While you’re out there, you’ll notice that there seem to be tiers of mini-steps that extend across vast swaths of the cascade. The best time to visit Lye Brook Falls is in the spring when the cascade is fully powered by the spring rain. Overall, this is a gorgeous waterfall that you can’t afford to miss. 

4. Big Falls 

Big Falls 
The largest waterfall in Vermont is the Big Falls in Troy.

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Location:Troy, Vermont
Nearby Attractions:Big Falls State Park
Animals to See:Walleye, Cranes

Big Falls is a worthwhile stop if you’re in northern Vermont. After all, this is one waterfall that you won’t soon forget. Big Falls was named for a reason, with a total drop of 40 feet. With the Missisquoi River as its source, this waterfall is one of Vermont’s largest undammed waterfalls. Water rushes down the cascades and into the gorge, finally ending up in a pool.

5. Buttermilk Falls

Buttermilk Falls Vermont
Buttermilk Falls serves as the perfect swimming hole in the hot summer months.

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Location:Ludlow, Vermont
Nearby Attractions:Okemo State Forest 
Animals to See:Bobcats, Lynx

A must-see waterfall in Vermont is Buttermilk Falls, located in the Okemo State Forest in Ludlow. It takes less than a mile to walk to this natural wonder surrounded by woodland. Three cascades of water form the falls, and there is a pool of water right below the lower and higher falls. In the summer heat, you and your friends can swim in the 25-foot-wide pool at the bottom of the lower falls! 

6. Hamilton Falls

Hamilton Falls Vermont
In the natural surroundings along Cobb Brook is Hamilton Falls, a popular spot for swimming and picnicking.

©Liquid Productions, LLC/Shutterstock.com

Location:Jamaica, Vermont
Nearby Attractions:Hamilton Falls Natural Area
Animals to See:Muskrat, Porcupine

A 125-foot-long waterfall, Hamilton Falls has several horsetails and slides. In spring, it is especially beautiful, but in the summertime, it also makes for a great spot for picnics. The area is also incredibly child-friendly, and there are lots of small pools ideal for wading in. If you’re in the area, you should definitely check this waterfall out! 

7. Bartlett Falls

Bartlett Falls Vermont
Bartlett Falls is a breathtaking waterfall that is found in the gorge of the New Haven River.


Location:Bristol, Vermont
Nearby Attractions:Lincoln Gap Road
Animals to See:Gray Squirrel, Eastern Cottontail

Bartlett Falls, sometimes known as Bristol Falls, is another beautiful waterfall in Vermont that is also a great swimming area. With a height of roughly 15 feet, the falls are relatively short and broad. The pool at the bottom of the fall is 40 feet wide and 120 feet long, with varying depths. There is nothing stopping you from standing in the water or dunking below the surface to cool off on a hot summer day. In the summer months, Bartlett Falls’ swimming pool is a popular destination for residents and visitors alike.

8. McLaughlin Falls

Location:Mendon, Vermont
Nearby Attractions:Wilson Castle
Animals to See:Owls, Hawks

This is one of Vermont’s more understated waterfalls. Seeing the falls requires a trek a little distance off the main road. Each drop is 15 feet high and 30 feet tall, featuring three drops. Unlike many other waterfalls in the area, you can admire these falls and marvel at their beauty during any season of the year.

9. Falls of Lana

Falls of Lana - Vermont
The Lana Falls have formed a horizontal valley down the face of a rock, with mist rising up from its numerous cascades.

©Doug Kerr / flickr – License

Location:Salisbury, Vermont
Nearby Attractions:Moosalamoo National Recreation Area
Animals to See:American Goldfinch, Wild Turkey

What if you could embark on a simple hike that led to something spectacular? Salisbury’s Falls of Lana route is one of the best forest hikes in the state. It takes less than a mile to get to the falls. While approaching the falls, you will come into contact with lush greenery, which is a gorgeous sight to behold.

10. Texas Falls

Texas Falls - Vermont
Texas Falls is one of Vermont’s most photographed waterfalls.

©Doug Kerr / flickr – License

Location:Hancock, Vermont
Nearby Attractions:Green Mountain National Forest
Animals to See:Peregrine Falcons, Timber Rattlesnake

The image of Texas Falls has appeared on numerous Vermont postcards and portraits over the years. The waterfall is actually one of the most photographed in Vermont. This waterfall has a total drop of 35 feet and is made up of multiple cascades and punchbowls. From the nearby bridge, you can enjoy a magnificent view of the falls. Although the falls are breathtaking, it is essential to know that swimming in them is prohibited at this time. So leave your swimming trunks and bathing suits behind for this one! 

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Bingham Falls Vermont
Bingham Falls has quickly established itself as one of the most popular waterfalls in Vermont
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