10 Towns With the Cheapest Gas in British Columbia

Written by Justin Sexton
Published: November 29, 2023
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Fairmont Natural Hot Springs (Fairmont, British Columbia, Canada)

Fairmont Natural Hot Springs (Fairmont, British Columbia, Canada)

©Whitney Schwab/Shutterstock.com

British Columbia is a beautiful area in Canada to drive through. One of the main attractions in British Columbia is the Canadian Rockies. Some of the other things to see in the area include several national parks, the Butchart Gardens, Salt Spring Island, the Hell’s Gate Amtram in the Fraser Canyon, and the Whistler area. In order to travel across British Columbia, people would have to drive for the most part. The average British Columbia gas prices are around 174.5 within their different districts. Keep on reading to learn about the lowest gas prices in British Columbia. This list will have the ten lowest regular gas prices in the province.

1. Super Save Gas in Nanaimo, BC

Seaplane in Water ready for Take off with Rocky Shore in Background. Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

Seaplane in Water ready for Take off with Rocky Shore in the Background. Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

©EB Adventure Photography/Shutterstock.com

The Super Save Gas in Nanaimo has the cheapest gas in British Columbia with a low price of 154.9. “The Harbuor City” is on the east coast of Vancouver Island and has a population of 100,000 people. Nanaimo was once known for its coal mines but nowadays, it’s a booming tech city. One of their popular attractions is a floating bar called the Dinghy Dock Pub. It’s a unique restaurant that is only accessible by boat.

2. Shell at Lantzville, BC

The Shell gas station in Lantzville has its regular gas prices at 158.9 cents. This is another coastal community on the Vancouver Island. Lantzville has beautiful parks and waterfalls like the Queen of Elizabeth Park and Benson Creek Falls Regional Park. The city has other things to offer tourists and visitors from all over with music events, pubs, and breweries. There is a historic Capilano suspension bridge that people can check out and learn more about. The bridge also provides free shuttles from the site to the downtown Lantzville area. Lantzville was named after its American founder. It was once a famous city for its coal mining.

3. Gas N Go in Parksville, BC

The Gas N Go in Parksville has some of the cheapest gas in British Columbia, costing 158.9 cents. It’s tied with the Shell gas station at Lantzville for the second-cheapest gas price in the province. Parksville is another city on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. One of its main attractions belongs to Parksville/Qualicum Beach. Some things to do at Parksville/Qualicum Beach are cave tours, boating, ocean sports, and visiting lighthouses and creeks.

4. Super Save Gas at Vernon, BC

The Super Save Gas station in Vernon has regular gas prices at 159.9 cents. Vernon is a city in the southern inland of the British Columbia region. It was established in 1892. The city has several fun spots to visit such as the Planet Bee Honey Farm & Meadry, the Davison Orchards Country Village, Kal Beach, Okanagan Ranch Trail, the BX Falls, and the Okanagan Science Centre. It’s also home to several parks like Polson Park, Ellison Provincial Park, and Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park.

5. Gas N Go at Nanaimo, BC

This is Nanaimo’s second entry on the list as their Gas N Go gas station is also at 159.9 cents with their regular gas price. One of the other things to do at Nanaimo is to watch whales. People can also visit Gabriola Island from Nanaimo.

One can also drive to Petroglyph Park and see impressive rock carvings that are thousands of years old. The park also offers a replica area where people can make their own rock carvings to take home. It is also an attraction that’s free and quick to walk through in 20 minutes.

6. Costco in Kamloops, BC

Hockey Stick and Puck on the Ice Rink

Hockey Stick and Puck on the Ice Rink.

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Costco is usually a reliable gas station almost everywhere in North America and this is no exception. The Costco in Kamloops, British Columbia has their regular gas prices at 159.9 cents. Kamloops is a city in South-Central British Columbia that’s at the confluence of the North and South Thompson Rivers.

Kamloops is a popular sports city in British Columbia as it is promoted as The Tournament Captial of Canada. The city hosts more than 100 sporting tournaments every year consisting of hockey, curling, and baseball. Some of the places the tournaments are at are Kamloops Bike Ranch, Tournament Capital Centre, and the Tournament Capital Ranch. The city is also known for several other things. It’s popular for its vegetable farming, transportation methods, healthcare facilities, logging, beef cattle, and Thompson Rivers University.

7. Petro Canada at Chilliwack, BC

The Petro Canada at Chilliwack has their regular gas prices at 159.9 cents. Chilliwack is a city that’s surrounded by mountains. It is very close to the Canadian-United States border. Chilliwack is home to plenty of outdoor recreational activities such as camping, fishing, hiking, golf, horseback riding, paragliding, and mountain biking. It is the second largest city in the Fraser Valley region after Abbotsford, British Columbia. Their metropolitan area has a population of over 113,767 people,

8. CO-OP in Parksville, BC

This is Parksville’s second entry on this list with the CO-OP gas station. CO-OP’s regular gas prices are at 159.9 cents. The city is also home to several mini-golf courses for families to drive to and have a family-friendly adventure along the way.

9. Super Save Gas in Kelowna, VC

The Super Save Gas station in Kelowna has regular gas prices at 161.9 cents. Kelowna is a lakeside city alongside the Okanagan Lake in Southern British Columbia. Kelowna is famous for its wineries, orchards, and museums.

People can visit the Kettle Valley Trail at Myra Canyon which is forty minutes away from Kelowna city. A bike rental for the trail is $44 CAD for half a day. It’s filled with plenty of wooden bridges, wildflowers, and old tunnels. There is a railway for people to bike on and even go on a guided tour through. The end of the trail tour will take visitors to four different wineries.

Kelowna is also known to be a big food city. Plenty of the restaurants have different tasting events that people can experience for pretty good prices. People can also drive to the Big White Ski Resort for cheap thanks to fueling up at the Super Save Gas Station. If they feel like driving a bit further, they can visit the Silver Star Mountain Resort instead. Silver Star is a less busier resort compared to the Big White Ski Resort. Kelowna is also home to a kangaroo zoo, plenty of beaches, breweries, and farmer markets.

10. Super Save Gas in Prince George, BC

The Super Save Gas station in Prince George’s has their regular gas prices at 161.9 cents per gallon. Prince George is often called the “northern capital” of British Columbia. People can drive to Prince George’s as it’s at the confluence of the Fraser and Nechako rivers. Prince George is a regional center for sports, modern arts, and shopping. The area is a perfect blend of urbanization while respecting the natural environment that it is around. It is also a popular healthcare city as several top hospitals are in the area.

RankGas StationGas Price In CentsLocation
1Super Save Gas154.9Nanaimo, BC
2Shell158.9Lantzville, BC
3Gas N Go158.9Parksville, BC
4Super Save Gas159.9Vernon, BC
5Gas N Go159.9Nanaimo, BC
6Costco159.9Kamloops, BC
7Petro Canada159.9Chilliwack, BC
8CO-OP159.9Parksville, BC
9Super Save Gas161.9Kelowna, BC
10Super Save Gas161.9Prince George, BC
A table summary of the cheapest gas prices in British Columbia.

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Whitney Schwab/Shutterstock.com

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