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August 2009

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Thu 27th August 2009 (0 comments)
Maxims Seaside Adventure

Maxims Seaside

Fly Catcher

Fly Catcher
A-Z Animals has just added fun animal games to the A-Z Animals website. Playing as a skateboarding puppy, a hamster in it's ball or even a worm, these games are fun and enjoyable to play and some are even a little educational!

There are more than 10 different games to choose from, and A-Z Animals will also be producing a high-score board so get practising now!

Discovery Of An Unknown Orangutan Population

Sat 8th August 2009 (12 comments)
Orangutan Standing

Orangutan Standing

Male Orangutan

Male Orangutan
Orangutans are known to be the giant giants of the jungle but wild orangutans are becoming rarer and rarer as forest fires and palm plantations have decreased the orangutans natural habitat and led to sever population declines.

Scientists believe that there are approximately 50,000 orangutans left in the wild, most of which are found on the Indonesian island of Borneo. Orangutans are only also found on the neighbouring island of Sumatra, where they live in nests in the dense tropical jungle.

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