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March 2009

But Bees Are Animals Too...

Tue 31st March 2009 (0 comments)
Bumble Bee Close Up

Bumble Bee Close Up

Bee Pollinating Echinacea Flower

Bee Pollinating
Echinacea Flower

For those of you that pay attention to gardening programs and read environment articles, you may be well aware the there is are serious problems with the number of bees that are seemingly disappearing year by year. But why is this happening and what does it mean that the bee populations are so rapidly on the decline? Surely the eventual extinction of one small insect (that stings you) cannot make a huge difference to the face of the planet, not to mention the lifestyles that animals have adapted too...

Sadly this simply is not true. The humble bee plays an enormous roll in the day to day runnings of the plant cycle. Bees fly from flower to flower collecting nectar (in some cases to make honey) and as the bees do this, they pollinate the female part of the flower (the stigma) with the male part of the flower (pollen which is produced by the stamen) so that new flowers can be produced. Most plants are unable to pollinate themselves and so rely on natural aids such as insects and the wind, to do this for them. Without the bees the plant pollination rate would be dramatically reduced.

Mystical Animals P4 - Mermaids

Wed 4th March 2009 (4 comments)
Mermaid On A Rock

Mermaid On A Rock

Mermaid Statues

Mermaid Statues
With so many different species of animal found all around the world, it is no wonder that there are so many tales and stories of animals that have been put down to being simply legends, but are they? Here we will continue to look at mythical creatures from around the world, by looking into the world of the mermaid...

The mermaid is a mythical creature that has been the subject of many stories and tales, as the mermaids had the most fastinating trait of being part fish and part human. The mermaid is seen to be fish below the wasit and human above. The first known tales about mermaids appeared as early as 1,000 BC, and have continued throughout history still being popular today. The most recent and possibly the most well-known mermaid was the story of The Little Mermaid that was made popular by Disney, but the mermaid is thought to have originated when ancient philosophers believed that humans had descended from fish and saw the mermiad as the half-way point.

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