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August 2010

The Eco-Friendly Guide To Crabbing

Thu 12th August 2010 (0 comments)
Crab Scuttles Along The Beach

Crab Scuttles Along
The Beach

There aren't many of us who can't honestly say that as children, summer in Britain meant one thing...crabbing! The endless hours of fun and enjoyment as a result of this traditional family activity would often more than make up for an hour in the car or the fact that your ice-cream would be covered in the sandy-bacon residue that is the side-effect of attempting to lure these cautious crustaceans.

However, in today's more eco-friendly world, even some of our simplest and most cherished traditions seem to be causing a lot more harm than good. What has always been (and will no doubt continue to be) one of our most loved summer activities, needs to be given a little more thought than just dangling a bit of bacon on a string, into the rock-pools that decorate our coast. We are dealing with living creatures after all.

The Cleverest Creatures

Tue 10th August 2010 (0 comments)
Second Cleverest Creature

Second Cleverest

As humans, we are very much aware that we are more intelligent than many of the animal species that we share our planet with. However, our high IQ is not alone in the animal kingdom as a number of other animals display characteristics of having a higher brainpower than most.

Dolphins have been declared the second cleverest creatures after humans as their complex communication between one another, and the fact that they have been observed displaying some highly unique behaviours (including males collecting gifts for females), means that these animals function in a highly intelligent way.

Dam Threatens The Giant Mekong Catfish

Thu 5th August 2010 (0 comments)
The Giant Mekong Catfish

The Giant Mekong

Two of the world's largest freshwater fish species could be at threat from extinction if a dam is built in the lower parts of the Mekong River (the 12th longest river in the world), a recent WWF reports claims. The river is home to the Giant Mekong Catfish, a fish that can reach half the length of a bus.

The Mekong River runs from the hills in Tibet through China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam and is home to hundreds of unique species including the famous Giant Mekong Catfish, which is the world's largest freshwater fish, growing up to 3 meters long and weighing an impressive 300kg.

Cheetahs Return To India

Tue 3rd August 2010 (4 comments)
The Fastest Creature On Land

The Fastest Creature
On Land

The Indian government have recently announced that they will support a plan that aims to return cheetahs to the country, by introducing them to three sanctuaries in central and northern parts of India over the next few years.

The Asiatic cheetah was hunted to extinction in India by hunters during the British Raj period over 100 years ago. Around 3,400sq miles of dry-land and grasslands in the central state of Madhya Pradesh and northern Rajasthan, will be turned into a natural habitat for the cheetahs.