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August 2012

Painting Ceramic Animals At Pennikkity Pots Ceramics Cafe Ipswich

Tue 21st August 2012 (0 comments)
(c) Pennikkity Pots Ceramics Cafe, Ipswich

Pennikkity Pots Ceramics Cafe,

Pennikkity Pots Ceramics Cafe in Ipswich is the perfect place to unwind and get creative by painting your very own animal ceramic. Situated in the heart of Ipswich town centre, Pennikkity Pots Ceramics Cafe offers you a unique experience mixing arts and crafts with delicious coffee, various yummy treats and a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

The variety of items to choose from at Pennikkity Pots Ceramics Cafe in Ipswich means that there really is something for everyone, including gorgeous little animal ornaments and money boxes and a wide range of ceramic items like plates, bowls, mugs and even photo frames! Here is just a handful of the beautiful things that you can do...

Looking Deeper Into The Ocean

Thu 2nd August 2012 (0 comments)

Earth is distinctively different from other planets due to the presence of water with the world's oceans covering more than 70% of the Earth's surface and supporting an enormous variety and abundance of life.

However, despite their vast presence and the fact that they contain 97% of our world's water, 95% of the ocean remains undiscovered particularly at it's deepest depths. Increasing numbers of people are exploring areas of the ocean floor that have not been visited previously, with some remarkable discoveries being made.