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January 2012

Growing Your Own Food In January

Thu 26th January 2012 (0 comments)

Despite the cold and bitter months of winter, there are a number of jobs to start doing in the vegetable garden to ensure that you're home-grown veg supply is bigger and better than the year before (although a lot of the bits and pieces to done in January are very much maintenance related, they are important to ensure a successful garden).

To begin with, if there is still a supply of winter vegetables in your plot they should be covered with a dense layer of straw to protect them from frost. Any remaining empty beds should be raked over, mulching the leaf-mould in from last year to ensure that the soil has the best possible nutrients to grow your crops in later on.

The Increasing Consumption Of Meat

Mon 23rd January 2012 (0 comments)
Sow with Piglet

With a drastically increasing human population, it is no wonder that the amount of food we consume is increasing too but, it tends to be in the more developed countries around the world that the consumption of meat is on the rise, the majority of which comes from commercial farms across the globe.

A recent report released by the Worldwatch Institute has revealed that global meat consumption has risen by 20% in the last decade, and with the growing prosperity in developing countries and their populations, this is a figure which is only likely to rise further in the future (which leads to more and more factory farmed meat appearing on the markets).

This Year At A-Z Animals

Thu 19th January 2012 (1 comment)
A-Z Tortoise

After having celebrated our third birthday in November 2011, we thought it was time to make some changes to the A-Z Animals website which has been rapidly growing, particularly over the last year, in order to make the experience even better for our thousands of unique visitors every month.

Last year saw the closure of Sammy the Sheep's shop with the remaining stock having been donated to the EACH hospice in East Anglia in honour of World Animal Day on October 4th, so that we were then able to concentrate more on improving the content and the website itself in general.

Watching Wildlife - January

Mon 16th January 2012 (0 comments)
Starling Flock

Starling Flock

We are now well and truly submerged into the winter season, and although there seems to be a lack of wildlife about, the reality of the situation is far from that. Many small mammals are still rationing their dwindling food stores and are forced to travel further (and in more exposed environments with the lack of ground vegetation) in order to find their next meal.

However, it is not just tracks and nests that can be seen in this month as it is also the time when the first signs of spring begin to appear and animals (particularly Grey Squirrels) can be seen chasing each other excitedly around trees as the breeding season starts. Early frog-spawn can sometimes be found towards the end of the month along with the first blooms of the year.

Palm Oil Free Treats - 6. Jam Tarts

Thu 12th January 2012 (0 comments)
Wild Orangutan

With ever increasing awareness about the negative effects that the palm oil industry is having on the environment, it remains a great shame that more and more everyday products seem to contain it. However, as companies are permitted to list it as "vegetable oil" in their ingredients consumers are unable to make an informed decision.

The worst thing for many consumer-level palm oil activists is not just the fact that basic products contain it, but also that those rare indulgences are now a thing of the past with palm oil found (but listed as vegetable oil) in all kinds of treats including chocolate, sweets, ice cream and numerous types of biscuit. So, at A-Z Animals we have prepared a number of palm oil free recipes for you to enjoy!

People At The Ends Of The Earth

Mon 9th January 2012 (0 comments)

Explorers have been fascinated by the Earth's poles for hundreds of years but it wasn't until a century ago that both the North Pole and South Pole had been reached by people, with December 14th 2011 marking 100 years exactly since the first successful attempt to reach the South Pole.

Led by Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen, a small team set out to reach the most southerly point of the Earth and with the aid of four sledges and more than 50 dogs they finally made it after a gruelling two month long expedition, claiming the South Pole for Norway.