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September 2012

Warning Over Wildcat Extinction

Fri 21st September 2012 (1 comment)
(c) Peter Trimming

A recent study conducted by the Scottish Wildcat Association (SWA) has concluded that Scottish wildcats are at risk from extinction from the wild within the next few months if the situation continues as it is.

After reviewing 2,000 records of eyewitness reports and camera trap sightings, along with the number of individuals that are killed on the roads, it has been estimated that there could be as few as 35 wildcats left in the wild.

New Species Of Monkey Discovered In Africa

Mon 17th September 2012 (0 comments)
(c) John A. Hart

A new species of monkey (the second in 28 years) has been discovered in a remote area in the Democratic Republic of Congo in central Africa, after scientists discovered a female that was being kept as a pet in a local village.

Known to be a member of the guenon group of Old World Monkeys, the new species that is known to locals as lesula has been given the scientific name of Cercopithecus lomamiensis after the Lomani River which separates this species from it's closest relatives.