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May 2013

Actor Supports Opposition Of Suffolk Solar Farm

Mon 20th May 2013 (0 comments)
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With the world's natural energy sources disappearing at such an alarming rate, an increasing number of countries and their governments are turning towards other means of providing energy to their homes and businesses mainly in the form of solar, wind and waves.

However, despite being known as sustainable energy sources these farms do also have a devastating downside to both the environment and the landscape in general as they often require a vast amount of space in order to provide an adequate amount of power.

Little Spring Lambs

Wed 1st May 2013 (0 comments)
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When we think of spring images of wild-flowers and the first new buds on the trees are conjured up. In the animal kingdom, we start to see more and more birds as they return to breed from their warmer winter grounds further south, and last but by no means least, the young of some of our most iconic farm animals like calves and lambs.

Lambs are born in the later winter or early spring after a gestation period that lasts for roughly four and half months, following the annual breeding season which occurs during the autumn months every year. Although ewes (female sheep) only tend to give birth to a single young, twins are not uncommon.